Thursday, February 09, 2006

I didnt realise how messup my throat was, until I put on a pair of headphones last night. By the end of the show I was barely able to talk and I was up early this morning enjoying some more pain! In hindsight, I shouldnt have went back on air last night. Im back again tonight, and hopefully by the time the weekend is over, all shall be well. Im noticing gradual improvments every hour and Im able to eat again, having not eaten since last Sunday. The occasional bit of toast squeezed down me throat, but it was like swallowing lumps of a broken pint glass! A delicacy, if there ever was one!

The finale of our Brown Thomas giveaway happens tonight, and we've been swamped with entries over the week. Tonight some lucky person will hang up the phone after winning tonnes of goodies from BT's including a €500 BT voucher, as well as a manicure, makeup and so much more!

Thursday are a busy day for me, as I get together the audio clips for the Movie Fan Attack which happens each Friday. Its getting harder to do, as I scowl through DVD after DVD for audio clips. Each clip nearly takes 40 minutes to get as I spend more time watching the film than anything else. As I said, Thursdays a busy one!

Speaking of movies, my copy of The Grizzly Man smashed through the letter box this morning. Ive been looking forward to seeing this for ages, so hopefully it'll be half The joys of Region 1 DVD!!!

Britney Spears fans are alive and well in Cork. Lots of callers last night, jumping to Britneys defence for driving around with her 16 week old on her lap! As some callers said, maybe she was protecting her childs privacy. Now she could be facing legal action, as shes in breach of some law. It would have been easier to give the Papparazzi there photos, as now the whole thing is turned inside out! Fair enough, its not fair that their making a small fortune out of an innocent baby, but who gives a monkeys as to what her kid looks like! Have they not seen the Daddy? I know thousands, millions of people around the globe want to see what Sean Preston Spears Federline (whatever hes called) looks like, but dont all babies look the same at that age!

I know someone somewhere is reading this, and thinking "Youll have kids one day"! Well I wont be trying to drive down Pana like a lunatic with me kid on me lap, being chased by photographers from the Echo or The Examiner :)