Friday, July 04, 2008

The one with looks and personality

This date last year, we were at a Yankees game in Yankee stadium. Below is a shot I took at the game. This time next year, I'll be a few weeks away from being dragg....walked up the aisle. Currently, I'm sitting in the kitchen. Happy 4th of July to all the Americans. Anyway, enough of the whatever the above is.

Looks or Personality.....Well, let Google Image search help decide this little ol deeeebate.

I know who I'd be sending a birthday card too. But I wouldnt be sending one with a long, heartfelt message in it. Maybe a voucher for plastic surgery. Or a map to a desert island. I'd just send the other my number.

To be realistic about the whole thing, the majority of people first see the physical side of someone and then get to know the actual insides of the person. In more ways than one. Extremely good looking people hang out in packs and never venture too far away from one another. The average looking Joe soap also hangs out, but its in a herd as opposed to a pack. A mixture of the 2 species seems to be extremely rare, although stunning good looking women have been spotted around Cork, hanging onto ugly, rough looking men. I'm not sure whether its the attraction of "He's a dealer girl" or the "He'll knock you around the place luv" or what. But a mix of the 2 species has been found in Cork.

Personally, I find a certain amount of the beautiful people with their heads so far up their asses, its like the prison scene in Hancock. There as shallow as the Serengeti during the dry season. And when it comes to some luvin, forget about it. Ive found in the past and from various conversations over the years that the better looking the person, the worse they are in the sack. Its like your privileged to climb on top of them. "Hey, your fucking a good looking person. You want this. You do the work. Now hand me a mirror so I can look at myself"

In an ideal world, you should have both. Looks and Personality. But it never seems to work out like that. Someone, in my book, has to be able to hold an intelligent conversation. It doesn't have to about Nuclear Physics or the plight of the spear fishing monkeys in Borneo. But it has to be more than the "Ohhh my gooodddddd" "Hahahahahaha" shit that people can regurgitate. While, as Dave Mac said in the recorded piece last night, you'll give some good looking individual, who is a fool, a few goes. Theres not many people out there who would refuse a go on a stunning person. But when they barley flinch during the act(s) and can barley have a conversation, people go off and find someone, who can actually walk the walk and talk the talk!

All that said, the doorbell rang a minute ago. Someone flogging paintings. Someone from New York, flogging paintings. Normally, being the nice person I am, they get the door slammed in their face at hello. Kinda, the opposite of the "You had me at hello" in Jerry Maguire. But I listened to the spiel and even smiled a few times. Why? Because the person standing in the pissing rain, holding some dodgy art was absolutely stunning. Shit personality, probably.

I'm in Club Light (Mallow) Saturday night, which is now open until 2.30. So an extra half hour to shake your ass to some serious choonage!!!