Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another Halloween over. Unlike last year, we had plenty of little monsters breaking the door down. Its amazing the look on their face when you say Trick. Maybe its me just been me, but I got a kick out of it last night. Granted, all little monsters and 2 batman got a good oul munch! Halloween is one of the few nights of the year, actually its the only night of the year that I can get away with getting the missus to watch a scary movie. Her sister called over last night, so it was double the screaming. Rated 15s, The Ring Two was the DVD of choice last night. Im lucky to be alive at all. With enough jumping and screaming, it felt like a Westlife concert, to be fair to the two ladies I nearly shit me pants on more than one occasion. Speaking of shit, we watched Are We There Yet after the horror onslaught!

As most of you know, I collect DVDs and am a big Star Wars fan. I buy most of my DVDs online, and from one or two sites in particular, who send the DVDs as they get them in stock. So, I broke the usual Star Wars routine (which involves driving around every video shop in the land, and I always find one that breaks the release date) and ordered it online, thinking Id have it a week before. The force certainly wasnt with me on this one. It only arrived in the door this morning, TYPICAL. My cravings would not stop, and on Saturday night I rented the damn thing. Saturday was a bad day, we had our annual Halloween bash on the Friday night and Saturday as mentioned, was a bad, bad, bad day!

Theres not much else going on right now, so check the show tonight!! Follow up to Halloween violence and the likes!!!