Thursday, September 11, 2008

The one where the collider yoke kills us all!

Live webcams from the LHC. Check it out!!!!!

The one with Schwarzenegger and Bale

Previously, I've featured the T4 trailer clip and just recently the following clip appeared on the web. Its Arnie and Christian Bale on the set of T4. Wonder what the conversation is like!

AS "Yahhh, you need to emphasise the ck when you say Ill be back, Yahhh?"
CB "Oh right ya"
AS "Yahhh"
CB "Ya? maybe"
AS "Yaaaaaahhhhh"

Speculation is rife that the Goven-atah is gonna be making a cameo in some capacity. Now I know that Arnie is and always will be THE Terminator and I spent most of my child hood drooling over Predator and Terminator. The original Terminator movie was one of 2 reasons I bought a biker jacket. But cant Arnie stay out of this one?Just to see how the franchise holds up without him and Bale taking the lead role. Ah go on Arnie, just once. And if Bale is shite then the T-800 can mangle his testicles in T5.

The one with Jerry Reed

I have no idea on how I missed this, but spotted it on a few blogs this morning, including Ricks one.

The snowman is dead! Jerry Reed is gone! One of my all time heroes as a child! All I wanted to be was a truck driver after watching Smokey and the Bandit. Along with Star Wars, the Smokey and the bandit trilogy have been watched more times than Id care to admit.

A while back I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Jerry and had an absolute blast with the snowman, who couldnt have been nicer! Will see can I dig out the audio and get it on a podcast!

The more I type, the sadder Im getting!

Jerry Reed - A gentleman and a hero, now a legend! Wherever he is now, Im sure he's got the guitar out!

The one with Junior Cert night

Well another Junior cert night came to an end last night and the number of incidents of a serious nature, seemed to be less than last year, which is a good thing! One of the worrying aspects that came out of this though, is the amount of teens popping' pills. Maybe its ignorance, maybe its stupidity or a combination of both. But, can anyone explain whats going on in their little brains? How many more teenagers have to collapse and never again wake up, before the rest of them get the message! Idiots!

As usual, its the minority that get the rest a bad name when it comes to all things underage, but whats with the gangs of scobes? Groups of 20 or more wandering around, attacking innocent folk for no apparent reason. Bottles, iron bars and anything else they could get their knuckle scraping hands around, were all used. Maybe its their big man complex! Idiots!

From the fashion point of view, some girls in particular were wandering around wearing absolutely nothing. As someone pointed out via text, the less you wear the easier access it is! Easier access for who? The dope who started a fight with a random stranger for nothing? The dope puking his guts up all over the place? The dope who drags his knuckles along the ground? They want that dope to get easy access to their lady bits? Oh yeah, that's a great catch! Well done! He'll make a great dad! Idiots!

Its frustrating to hear some of the tales on air, what with teenagers thinking they're mad for drinking a few cans or knocking back pills. Idiots!

My large selection of hats are off to all the teenagers who didn't feel the need to use drink or drugs to have a great night out. LEGENDS! 

My other hats are tipped to all the emergency services who have to deal with this night every year! They might not be told it often enough, but its very much appreciated!!!!

And much hat tipping and thanks to Eimear and Kevin for putting on the bravery uniforms yet again and wading into the middle of it and bringing exclusive live coverage of the night! And thanks to Nools for holding down the fort!

All back to normal later (if ya call the show normal :) ) and I'll be following up on JC night later, Anne Sexton, Christ with a K and all the usual!