Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Still Here

Well another xmas bites the dust. Managed to take in a fair few movies

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban - Usual carry on
Chronicles of Riddick - Not bad, enjoyable
Miracle - Good show but fell asleep
Love Actually - Good show, seen it in the flicks but it was the first movie to get a premiere in my cinema, full house it was too!
Kilnaskully - Watched the whole series on DVD, very good......Go on the Dan
Bo-Selecta - Season 3 and Ho, Ho, Ho Selecta - Excellent as always

So thats it. Might take in some more later on. Sick of food and drink at this stage. My alcohol intake has been very low (thankfully) but Ive made up for it in other ways.

Like a child I was up at six on Xmas morning and dragged herself up in the process. After opening presents and getting some sleep twas off visiting till 1, and then the onslaught of food and drink (kinda) began. Xmas telly was absolute shite, shite and even more shite, never seen it so bad.

Anyways alot done, more to do. Laters!