Tuesday, June 14, 2005


One of the most anticipated things in recent history, bar the forthcoming Crazy Frog Album. Jackson is innocent and that's that. Mixed reaction last night on the show, but I think there were slightly more thinking he is actually guilty. Yet again though, he has proven his innocence. The jury was out for me (Ohhhhh) through out this case. I wouldn't be classed as a huge MJ fan, but you cannot take away the legend of one of the worlds biggest entertainers.

Just before I went to air last night, I discovered what was going on with the verdict. Just as the verdict was announced we went live to Santa Maria to Mike Walker from the National Enquirer. Mike is a fantastic guest and we've built a great repore and I was indebted to Mike for coming on. You could hear the shock in peoples voices on his phone. Truly history in the making. I felt the show was swerving all over the place as we had to do a lot of juggling when this thing broke. Its a pity Jackson did speak to the crowds when he came out of the courthouse. Maybe he could have been lifted onto some SUV again and gave a little speech. Who knows how it would have gone...

"Yo,Yo Whos Bad now muthafuckers. Whos da man in the fuckin mirror now. Im gonna moonwalk up and down the media's ass with this shit, cuz I is the smooth criminal yo!" Or........................maybe not!

I came home, had a drink and watched a few of the news networks going balluba about the whole thing. Some of them fans are really frightening! Maybe Jackson is a nice guy, lets face it, we only know him through the media! Either way now its going to be a case of we told you so. Hopefully for Michael he'll calm his ass down and quit the madness.....that of course we only know from the media organisations. No one will give a shit in a week. Me, I stopped giving a shit this morning. Its a great news story and as I said last night before I played the show out with Billie Jean, the legend lives on.

Had my first 2 deaths in the fish tank yesterday. Not sure what happened, but methinks that some of the bigger ass shit are getting their freak on with the smaller ones and Im in 2 minds as to whether to take them back to the shop and give the smallies a bit of peace and quiet. We'll see. I have Hitch and Alexander to watch but herself is looking to see them as well and for the life of me I wont be able to sit through them again.

Now lets see what else is going on in my head.....nothing but a couple of voices telling me to burn things. I have to leave it there as my intestines are about to fall out at the rate of knots from so dodgy breakfast roll I had earlier. Check the show later for some very funny MJ stuff.