Thursday, September 27, 2007

The one with nakedness

57% of listeners to last nights show, listened to it absolutely arse starkers naked! While I appreciate this was in the 11 hour and many would be settling down for a bit of sleep, sex or DIY its kind of weirdly erotic, to me anyway. What follows is a selection of texters.

Vic, true story my girlfriend hoovers and washes d floors every nit naked just b4 she goes to bed. One nit i was out and brought friends home what a surprise!”

“Hi victor just went outside to put rubbish in my rubbish and one of my nabours saw me in the nude and said would u cover yourself up”

“Hey vic its gary totaly naked and buckled at d bck of d bus on d way bck 4m d ploughing match on d bus back to skibb”

Hey Vic, i m lyin in bed naked and my babe puttin on fake tan, naked. Guess who s cold ? Lmao. Aido

Im puking a slitor off a wall in the backgarden naked. Just out of the shower nd decided 2 puck around butt naked. Eoin from bandon.

Hey vic daniel here, im on a bus home from da ploughin championship and im balls naked... Its fun...

Vic i am jst after stripin down 2 th nip jst as u said while i am drivin a tractor after long sweaty day a frm michael in kilmichael

Allegedly, there were 37 males and females also on the way back from the earth churning championships as well. And yes, they were naked. I dont know about anyone else but Im heading to the ploughing championships next year! That said, I dont have any proof of the nakedness of listeners. But I may be willing to call to a few houses after the show is over, just to make sure. After all, no one likes liars!

An honary mention must go to the guy who was kind enough to inform us that he was "pulling the guts out of himself" while listening in!

From a personal point of view, Ive never presented the show naked. I do pick the mail up naked, from behind the front door although at times its made me wonder, why didnt we ever get blinds for the panes of glass, each side of the door! Im sure the neighbours and passers by have wondered the same. Painting and decorating, for me, has to be done almost naked. Pair of boxers and thats it. After all I dont want to painting captain winky a nice shade of peach or anything.

I did come up with a brainwave after all the nakedness last night. A Mr.&Mrs Nude Cork Talks Back. Im not sure of the legalities of the whole thing and to be frank, you dont have to be a lawyer to work em out!