Thursday, March 03, 2011


Jesus Christ, I can hear you gasp. Those that still turn up here on a regular basis. Yes, an update.

So all change for yours truly. And its about time I put something on the record as it were. I’m a month into the schedule change, which literally spun me on my head by 12 hours.

For a long time now people have always wondered would I ever end up in the big talk show circus that happens every morning. The first week was utter brutality if I recall. Sleeping pattern’s were smashed into oblivion as I started to shift nearly a decade of being a night owl. The second week, things got a bit better and presently, as we roll into the fifth week I’m pretty spot on. But that first week, with the violent head pangs and wanting to go to bed at 7pm were a fucker.

The show at night done some pretty cool shit and there will always be an extremely special place in my heart for the old slot. The final show, for me on a personal level, was incredibly emotional. I couldn’t say it was the final night time show, but the raw emotion at the very end and a few choice words (much to the dismay of the powers that be) left people with no wonderings to what was going on. It was a damn long drive home that night. Like alot of people, I’m a creature of habit and absolutely hate change. And, again If I’m honest, I was very resistant to moving to mornings. In my head it made absolute sense. It was a no brainer, but my heart said otherwise. Either way, sometimes you gotta let your brain make the right decision.

It’s a different ball game in the mornings, as I’ve mentioned in an interview, I’m not going to be talking about exploding penises at 9AM, but to be fair, I haven’t really changed what I do. From the show side of things, I’m operating at a far faster pace and we’re getting more done, which is a good thing, particularly for a radio listener and mention must go to the production team which are busting their arse’s at the same time.

From the feedback I’ve gotten from a wide variety of sources, we’re certainly doing the right thing. That said, there has been a negative side of things as well, and that mainly is from areas where the schedule change might not fit into peoples own schedules. Alot of people miss the show at night and may not have the opportunity to hear it in the morning and so on. I understand that 100%, but you can’t hold a gun to my head because a schedule change doesn’t fit into your own. Saving grace of course is best bits from 11pm. But I do understand how people get pissed off, but if this is the worst thing you will deal with in your existence, your doing alright. Again, before you start shouting about it (again!) think about my schedule change and what it’s done to my life and my family life. Everything’s changed. And that includes the amount of time I spend with the smallie. And that’s damn tough, but I go and get it done!

There has been a number of comparisons to Gerry Ryan on more than a number of occasions, and I certainly view those as a gigantic compliment. And it’s great that people are making some form of connection with the show in the mornings. So, enjoy the ride that we’re after setting out on. If you like something, let me know. If you don’t also let me know. At the end of the day (thanks Keano) the show is and has always being about YOUR OPINION.

On a final point, morning radio, especially in the talk show circuit is certainly, as mentioned an almighty circus. And while I may not be wearing the ringmasters outfit just yet, I can see the dressing room and have all intentions of coming through that door with a fuckin chainsaw!