Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The one with U2

God, its been a busy morning. I woke up around 10ish and toyed with the idea of not bothering giving my time to Bono and the lads. So I went back to sleep. 30 minutes later, Im awake and still contemplating lounging around in bed. I figure Im good looking enough and dont need any more beauty sleep so I make my way to my 12pm appointment with the biggest band in the world. Im not a huge U2 fan, but I appreciate what they do and have done over the years so I'd be a mini fan. Lets put it this way, I have about 4 of their albums and wouldnt turn the radio off if they came on. I arrive early and decide to grab a quick cappucino before the main event.

I arrive at the location 5 mins early and chit chat with a few of the organisers. Over the next 90 minutes, I feel like im in Buneos Aires. U2:3D is mind blowing. Its just like being there. You can almost smell the sweat of the crowd!

3D in the cinema has always been gimicky. Gone are the days of Quinsworth handing out 3D glasses after you spent about a million quid on peas, just in time to watch some lame ass crap on the TV during Halloween. I've seen a couple of films in the BFI IMAX, all in 3D. I was impressed, but they were more demonstrations than anything else. So I was a small bit apprehensive for this flick, but 2 minutes in all those apprehensions were knocked right out of the park. Its incredibly difficult not to feel like your in a U2 concert. As I said, you can almost smell the sweat!

Sure the glasses are a little bit heavy, but as far as I was concerned they could have weighed as much a small calf, it didnt matter. The experience, and thats what it is; an experience, is nothing short of stunning. Expect yourself to smile quite alot as your blown away by the visuals. Try stopping yourself from touching his hand, when Bono reaches out. All films should be like this.
Maybe in years to come they will. I know James Cameron is a big fan of 3D, so c'mon Jimmy, get the finger out.

Thanks to Margaret and all the crew at the Gate cinema for the preview screening!!!

As much as the following is a cliche, go see U2:3D because you've never really seen anything like it! Its kinda sexual!!!!

U2:3D opens in selected cinemas this Friday!!!

The one with the A.N.

Insiders say Keith Duffy very nearly didn’t make it on stage at the meteors. Arriving backstage, the duffster chatted with the other members of Boy-zone before he went looking for his outfit, his bottled water and his fake tan. After a furious 25 minute search, Keith found his outfit, got his bottled water but could not find his fake tan. After numerous phone calls, organizers gave Keith the bad news. The nearest bottle of fake tan was 74 minutes away….by helicopter. Arriving back at the boyzone dressing room, all the guys huddled round and gave Keith some words of encouragement and to have another look. With seconds before Boy-zone were to make their onstage return Keith got a bottle of fake tan and everything was right with the world again. Allegedly!!!

Last Monday night in Madison Square Garden, the spice girls once again took to the stage. During a performance of Mama, Cruz Beckham got up on stage with his Mum, Victoria and started to sing along. No-one expected what happened next. The little Beckham started to bust some moves and break danced his heart out. Inside sources at the Garden say ever since Victoria has had to go back to work, times are tough and she cant afford full time child care. Allegedly!!!!

Mel Gibson arrived at the IFTA’s, sat back and at the end of the night he collected his award. If you were watching, Mel made reference to the lack of arms on his award. A throw away comment to you or I, but not to Mel. At the after show parties, Mel hounded the organizers regarding the physical make up of his award. Not being satifisfied with the answers he received, the Braveheart star then demanded the phone number of the sculptor who created the awards. After 7 angry voicemails, insiders say Gibson finally relented, when he was told they forgot to put the arms on the statue. Allegedly!!!!