Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just in case you missed it yesterday, the photoblog is updated with lots of pics!

Post Number 292

Hard to believe that this is blog update 292. Like the show, sometimes I find this blog is like therapy!

By now some people are outside exam halls, chillin' and letting the stress flow out of themselves after the first Leaving / Junior Cert exams. Sure theres a good bit to go, but in my day (here we go) once the first one was over it set up the mood. Even if you were away on a far off planet and suddenly crashed back down in Carrigaline you would know it was State exam time. The weather, its always the same when the Leaving and Junior is on. Sun smashing the stones into shite! For anyone that is still unsure as to what this means, basically when the exams are over, the summer is over. Then we'll be experiencing our annual, wonderful Irish summer. If your reading this and are doing either the Leaving or the Junior, be cool. Just relax and DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE! Its not the end of the world! If you fuck it up, fuck it. Nothing you can do about it. Maybe you could have worked harder, maybe those cans of cider WERE a bad idea but either way, it aint worth dying over!

Republic of Loose let loose yesterday evening at the station. Like a complete ghoul, I forgot about it, even though I was plugging it the night before. I got out to the station and the lads were playing for about 20 minutes by that time. The atmosphere was electric. This was an invite only gig, with only about 40-50 people and the place was absolutely hoppin. Check the video down below, if you havent already! If you heard the start of Cork Talks Back last night, Colm was kind enough to play one of the tracks that was recorded from the gig! Wishing I was heading to the Savoy for their gig, but work beckons!

Finally discovered why Sunday night was fairly quiet...The phone system was dead. There was an email floating around, which said the phones were antsy, but I didnt think it would affect our 1850 number. So bearing that in mind, we done quite well! Last nights show was firing on all cylinders, with the phones back to boot. Huge response to the state of the beaches last night, and in particular to one or two callers. I know some other radio shows covered this yesterday as well, but we started it on Sunday night (had to get that in there!!!!! :) . As one caller said to Dave last night, none of the other shows let loose like Cork Talks Back!

With that, Im off to put on a pair of jocks, as Im sitting here naked. Hopefully that hasnt ruined your lunch!


Republic of Loose Video

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As promised...Savage atmosphere out in the station this evening...savage! Hello to all who wanted to get a photo taken with yours truly. Hopefully I didnt ruin the shot :)