Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The one with indigestion

Well, it finally happened...again! 2 years ago this Summer, I felt like I was going to die. Well that same feeling came around for a visit again last Saturday. Meetings were held, phone calls were made and carrier pigeons were sent off with contracts. Basically, we went for dinner with the sister in law to be and her husband. After a long fought battle, it was decided to light a fire and order an Indian takeaway. So one of the many (!) Indian takeaways in Midleton convinced us to part with €83. Now, for those of you who eat Indian food, you will all agree the the varying forms of Naan bread are an essential. But of course, when you ONLY pay €83 for an Indian, thats not enough to remind them to put the feckin' things in the giant bag of food. So, one brave soul made the journey back to the Indian for the Naan's and then discovered that they had to be made from scratch. So, I decided to open a box of chips. By the time the Naans turned up, the food needed a quick Nuke in the Nuke machine and minutes later we were all shovelling some tasty Indian food down our gullets.

I had to stop towards the end as it felt like a section of Pilau rice had broken off from the rest of the pack and had started coming out my nose. Mother of christ (Hi!, I know you read the blog)
I've never had indigestion like it. It lasted until yesterday, and theres still remnants of it today. Even the old faithful gaviscon tablets done little to ease the pain. Then numerous episodes of family guy added to the already violent situation. The firetruck hunting the gazelle episode very nearly killed me, from laughing. Other than that, the food wasnt bad, although my Balti had a nice air freshner taste to it.

A few people got upset last night, when I mentioned that the Pope fell asleep at Ground Zero. I wasnt saying it to be mad or funny. Not in the least. It was an observation. The Pope needed one of his biys to give him a nudge and then he opened his eyes and got up, after what seemed an eternity of kneeling down. Obviously the guy was saying his prayers, but how did one of his biys know he was finished. I reckon he nodded off, simple as. Probably not the best place to nod off, but things happen. Jet lag!!!!!!