Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The one with __________

Ever wonder what the blog would look like if nothing was updated today. I did, but blogged about it! In other words, this is the worlds laziest blog post. That said, at least I typed something in!

Not on air tonight BTW!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The one with my good deed

In case you missed it last night on air, what follows is a recount of my good deed for the year, which happened yesterday!

After a birthday lunch for the wife to be, we went off to Mahon Point, quite late. Couldn't get a space (no recession around obviously) so I had to go get some petrol as the car was on fumes!

Enter Topaz on the lower Glanmire Road. I hopped out, sorry struggled out of the car and inserted the fuel injection device into the petrol vagina on the car! As this shenanigan was taking place I spotted a duck and could hear plenty of chirping and cheeping. For anyone that knows the garage, there is a pretty high wall on the forecourt. I reckon it must be about 20 feet. Lets put it like this, I wouldn’t be jumping off it. Well I would if I fancied by my testicles to be obliterated by my ankles. Upon further observations, I discovered that a group of ducklings were on the top of this wall and more or less just hurtling themselves off it. To my surprise the all got up and went on their way with their mother, all bar one which couldn't get up. So off I went, in best Steve Irwin / David Attenborough mode. Carefully I helped the duckling back on its legs and off it went. Then the next issue abound.

The lower Glanmire road is akin to a Nascar speedway at times, with more rednecks. It was about 510pm so it was pretty busy. No doubt the bastards who hindered my parking capabilities at Mahon Point, on their way home. And in true Hollywood fashion, mammy duck and the 6 ducklings were headed for certain death. So I took a wander over and they, thankfully, stayed in a bush but with quite obvious intent of crossing the road. Another chap in a 09 D Santa Fe also got out. Like 2 strangers in a natural disaster we helped out more strangers, this time a family of ducks. The unnamed stranger stopped the traffic coming out of the city and using hand signals learned from Me, Myself and Irene I stopped the inbound traffic. On both lanes, this created a little oul traffic jam. Oblivious to the traffic chaos, the family of ducks immediately made a bee line for the other side of the road. Amazing to see how mammy duck knew it was safe and 2 strangers had come to her aide. That said they walked on to the train tracks, and I drove off in the possible misguided notion that they would not be sliced in half by a train and would safely make the river. For all intensive purposes I’ll say they did make it!

I drove home quite happy with myself and even the wife to be was suitably impressed. Granted she struggled to dish out the brownie points, due to the fact of my constant moaning and swearing about full car parks.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The one with Michael Jackson

Even though, for most of us, we don't know them personally, celebs feel like part of the family. I was a huge Michael Jackson fan as a child and into my teens and it made me incredibly sad to announce that one of my (like millions of others) childhood idols had died.

Regardless of the controversy, Michael Jackson in my view, will always be remembered as an icon and the biggest entertainer the world has ever known. We will never know what his comeback would have been like. We will never really know what made him tick. But at least we knew him.

I'm sure you are moonwalking where ever you are now! Michael Jackson RIP!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The one with Year one

For anyone that has been looking at the feeds on the right, you will have noticed "The Movie Bit" feed. Over the last few weeks, I've taken the decision to run a dedicated movie blog, and from now on anything that I have to say about movies will be posted directly there. The Movie Bit blog, is still a work in progress, so excuse me while the renovations are ongoing!

Anyways, check out the Year one review by clicking here

The one with Gameness on a Thursday


Time for the weekly gaming bit!

Crackdown 2 is on the way, the first one was outstanding. Here’s the low down on the sequel from the developers via Edge online
"We've got core members from every discipline who worked on [Crackdown 1], the majority of the design team, and, depending on whom you speak to, some of the best coders and most talented artists," said creative director Billy Thompson.
"We still maintain a really strong working relationship with [original developer] Realtime; they're our neighbours in both personal and professional relationships, and we like that," piped in producer Jim Cope. "But leaping to our defence, in a sense, we firmly believe we're the right people to make Crackdown 2."
Elsewhere in the interview the Ruffian pair reveal that the second Crackdown takes place in the same locale, Pacific City, "but further on in the timeline."

Gran Turismo, probably one of the greatest looking games on any system, particularly the PS3 incarnation, well check out the PSP version. I shit you not. Kinda makes me wanna go and buy a PSP again! I'm still finding it hard to believe that these shots are on the PSP. Hope it plays as well as it looks!

screenshot_217695 screenshot_217697


Square Enix is being taken to court for "deceptive advertising, unfair practices and fraudulent concealment" in regards, mainly, to fees in MMO title Final Fantasy XI.

The court filing states that Square apparently deceived around 100,000 players of its online game, being less-than-upfront over the terms of monthly fees, penalties for late payments, interest charges and termination of accounts for late payments

MS have released some new gear for your avatars over on Xbox Live. Outfits include surfer shorts, dodgy vests and even hotpants. Not sure if you get some cheek action with the hotpants, but still!

Resident Evil, one of the original survival horror games. Most were enjoyable? How about a Lego version

And finally, here’s Jack Black bigging up Brutal Legend (via Joystiq)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The one with some touch of normality

Today is the first day in nearly a week where I’ve woken up and haven't been hanging onto the towel rail puking up snot and mucus for minutes on end. This morning, it only lasted for 30 seconds or thereabouts.

Was it the swine flu I had? Was it the man flu? Was it the normal flu?Not sure, as like most men, I only go to the doctor if my legs are eaten off by a great white shark.

I spent the last few days downing litres of Echinacea, which I’m not entirely sure made any difference. But I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt as a few people swear by it! The plan is to take one each day to kick the arse off me immune system! As I said, that's the plan anyway. And you know those kinda plans. The ones that start next Monday and last until the Wednesday! Either way I still feel like crap, but at least I can breathe and the toilet bowl is also a happier place.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The one with tonight!

Back on air tonight, but nothing of note in the blog as Im spending the rest of the day in bed. Still sicky, sicky but deciding to come back on tonight! Someone send me a mdeal :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

The one with the flu

Got a major dose of head cold / flu action, the last couple of days. Unfortunately it was really bad last night and today so spent most of the day in bed pumping in various medicines! No show tonight. Best of instead, thanks to KC!!!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The one with another question

Im terribly curious to know who the person on a meteor gprs and a meteor broadband connection is. You've spent the bare bones of over 3 hours on here and not even a single comment. Bad form?? If your looking for something in particular, mail me ffs!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The one with Cork Rock

Have a read off this and then go off and vote!!!

The history of Cork rock music is soon to be revealed for the first time with the release of Cork Rock, a comprehensive account of the artists, musicians and culture that has contributed to this long-lasting Leeside phenomenon.

Journalist and author Mark McAvoy explores the roots of the Cork rock movement from the late 1950s up to the present day. With exclusive photos and interviews with leading performers, managers, DJs and promoters, this book is essential reading for all true music fans.

The fascinating stories behind many of the big names in Cork rock music have yet to be told and this revealing new book uncovers  the rise of the unrivalled talent that was Rory Gallagher, the talent and influence of Finbarr Donnelly, the uncompromising nature of Cathal Coughlan and Microdisney through to more recent acts such as Bishopstown’s finest The Frank And Walters and the irrepressible Sultans of Ping.

To celebrate the publication of Cork Rock, music fans are being asked to select a cover, which they think best represents the history of rock in Cork. Three possible covers have been designed that showcase various Cork acts including Rory Gallagher, Five Go Down To The Sea?, Simple Kid and The Sultans of Ping.

For your chance to vote, please visit this link: http://www.mercierpress.ie/cork-rock-voting.html

The one with Gameness

Gameness - Every Thursday on victorbarry.com

Right, decided to add a bit more structure to the blog, so from now on, each Thursday (in theory anyway) will feature some video gaming news and the likes!

Ghostbusters is out tomorrow on PS3. From what I read around the web, the Xbox 360 version is better. So you will have to wait till bloody October for that one!

Reviews have been 7 and 8’s out of ten and by all accounts it looks better than it moves!


Pain (from the Playstation Network) is being released next week on Blu-Ray, all the levels etc.etc.etc. Well worth a nose, great fun, even for wives to be be!


Not sure how the COD fans will feel about forking out more money when it comes to this…Future Call of Duty games could come with an MMO-style subscription service, granting subscribers extra options and early access to map packs.
That's according to a mysterious Activision survey doing the rounds on Destructoid, which mentions a CoD service that would "enhance the multiplayer experience and provide exclusive access to a group of gameplay enhancements."
These "enhancements" would include early access to expansions and betas, exclusive character skins, game modes, enhanced stat tracking and "support for competitive play."


heavy-rainLots of people, myself included are drooling at Heavy Rain on the PS3. Well, as people know, its delayed and according to the developer, it still needs lots of work. We're still at the alpha stage and there's a whole lot of work to be done," said Quantic Dream's David Cage. "There's so much fine-tuning in the game left to do. Everything has to be perfect. If there's one thing wrong in a scene, it's the only thing you'll see. There are many things that don't work right now. We need to have everything in place, from facial animations, to score to work out the final result." Early 2010 by all accounts!
Hands up who remembers the amazing choplifter???? Well, earlier this week, inXile Entertainment filed a trademark for the title "Choplifter" in relation to a video game. We can live in hope!!!

This is what NBA Live 10 looks like! First screen compliments of EA

Microsoft bigwig Shane Kim has stated that the release of Project Natal will be "the launch of Xbox 360", and that no new console hardware will be involved."Absolutely. It will be that big," he told Gamasutra. "Now, the good news is that it's not a new hardware architecture; we're not forcing customers to have to go buy a new console because it will work with every existing Xbox 360 out there.


vicbarry is my Xbox Live Gamertag and PSN user name if your playing online

The one with a ?

Who's spending loadsa time on here going through the archives? :) Cheers for reading the drivel!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The one with the mini movie review – Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen

The final heavyweight in the Summer blockbuster battle royale has finally entered the ring. Transformers 2 opens in Cork cinemas and nationwide from Friday!


So what's going on with the large tin cans and the beautiful people this time round? Well Sam (Shia Le Beouf) is off to college, and Mikeala (Megan Fox) spends her time draped over bikes half naked, with an air brush in her hand. Which to be fair, is wonderfully awesome. The Decepticons (the bad robots) are hiding around the planet, and the Autobots (the good robots) have teamed up with the military as part of a top secret operation, wiping out the bad guys as they go. Megatron is still stuck at the bottom of the ocean, but he comes back to life with thanks to a few friends and then goes off on a rampage, looking for revenge. Sam’s starts seeing symbols because he touched a piece of the spark and the Decepticons are trying to hunt him down, as the symbols he sees, will lead to a device that will harvest and kill the sun, and of course wipe out the whole planet. I think thats the plot anyway!transformers5

So is it any good? The plot as outlined above, is off the charts, quite obviously. That said the Transformers fans will need at least 2 clean pair of underpants because there are more Transformers than ever before. For the people out there who think a Transformer is something that plugs into an electrical device, strap on the seatbelts. This movie is 10 times bigger than the original. The sheer scale of Transformers 2 is absolutely phenomenal. To be honest, I don't think you will have seen anything this big and explosive before. The special effects and set pieces are enormous. You will be blown away by the sheer scale of gigantic robots kicking the metal heads off each other.Even from the opening credits, you know you are in for something brilliant! Hats seriously need to be tipped to the visual effects crews from Digital Domain, to Industrial Light and Magic and everyone else.


As for the cast, well Le Beouf and Fox really do play second fiddle to the giant robots, but are quite convincing and watchable. Special mention must go to Megan Fox’s breasts which are constantly in shot and anytime they appear, its in super slow motion! Best use of slo-mo since Pamela Anderson bounced across some beach in L.A.

If I had to be critical of this movie, I wasn't too sold on robots cracking jokes and puffing and panting. There’s not much of a plot and its confusing at times, plus it has plenty of holes. But besides that, this is a pure and utter popcorn movie. Its mindless. It wont change the world. Its not meant to. It would have been nice if they spent a few more bob on the story though as opposed to fireworks and explosions and I would have liked to see Le Beouf get trampled to death. But I suppose you cant get everything. The ending though, is a disaster! Complete and utter disappointment.As for the much talked about penis measuring contest between McG (Terminator Salvation director) and Michael Bay (Transformers 2 director), well If I were McG, I’d be hoping that Micky Bay keeps his pants on!

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen is 100% pure entertainment and in my view is the biggest movie of the Summer blockbuster season! Put the anti climax ending to one side and leave your brain in the cinema lobby and enjoy!

The one with the Perpetuum Jazzile

The one with Truck Norris

Cue the jokes about getting hit by it...and so on...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The one with farting (more than likely again)

I’m too lazy to go back and check, but I'm pretty sure that farting has appeared on the blog in some shape or form over the years! One of the more bizarre topics on the show last night, consisted of ladies and there very unladylike behaviour around Cork.

As we all know, we all break wind. Some of us even follow through on occasion (I did twice, one time on a bus and another 2 seconds before going to air on CCR). It is probably a very silly individual that thinks that ladies don't fart, and now that I think of it, I have dealt with 2 different types of farts on air. That said, the second one normally only comes to light on Thursday nights with Sexually speaking.

So the ladies fart and so on, I wonder though, do they do it with such conviction as their male counterparts. As a male, I’ve sat in rooms over the years with a group of other males and like clockwork, a fart explodes. Then the whole “Smell that wan biys” comes up in conversation. Part of me speculates that the ladies, who fart like the rest of us, do not partake in such savagery. But maybe I’m wrong. Actually, once again, now that I think about it I remember visiting someone in a hospital once and I got lost on the way out, only to wander across a pack of all female nurses, all gathered around a desk. They were laughing their arses off and the smell of putrid farts filled the air like tear gas. I eventually found my way out, and only realised then, that I had accidently interrupted a nurse fart contest, or something!

That said, one texter last night made a startling observation. She was in a pub and a male standing close by left a fart rip! The texter described it as nuclear! After the blast wave, which I'm sure by the sounds of it, over turned chairs and tables, the farter turned in her direction. He then said “Now that I’ve got your attention”. After reading that text last night, all I can say is that there really is little hope for mankind.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The one with wiping!

Awesome! All it doesn't do is flush the jacks for ya!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The one with the mini movie review – Looking for Eric

"I am not a man.....I am Cantona!" Certainly one of the movie quotes of the year! This mini movie review is extra mini, because your better off going to see one of the real feel good films of the year! Forget Slumdog Millionaire!!!! Looking for Eric has
  • An amazing performance by Steve Evets!
  • a brilliant Eric Cantona
  • A superb supporting cast
  • a director, Ken Loach, who is onto a winner here!
Its a bit gritty and industrial looking, but the story of a postman who is really down on his luck and starts asking an envisioned Eric Cantona for advice, is brilliant!

If you need a little hope and inspiration and want to see a damn fine piece of film while your at it, Lookin for Eric is that movie!


Now hurry off and go see it!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The one with Tony Soprano, Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro

Max Koch gets it fairly spot on with Tony and De Niro. Not 100% gone on Jack, but funny as hell!

The one with the mini movie review – The Hangover

With a trailer that had everything from tigers, chickens and Mike Tyson singing Phil Collins, The Hangover has finally arrived.


Starring the likes of Bradley Cooper (Nip Tuck and has now been announced as the new “Face” in the A-Team flick) and directed by Todd Phillips who's previous work included the likes of Road Trip and Old School, the story of The Hangover is very simple and probably all too realistic. 4 friends go to Vegas on a stag and the guy getting married gets lost. Only problem with that is, no-one can remember the night before or indeed where Doug is. Their suite in the hotel is trashed, and to make matters worse, a tiger now resides in their bathroom. From there, they try and piece together the previous night. This involves everything from a baby locked in a closet to a stolen police car to an incredibly camp Chinese mobster.

The Hangover is a little dark at times, but there are plenty of laughs along the way. Granted you wont be spitting out your popcorn, but you’ll be giggling away none the less with the very occasional laugh out loud moment. At times it can be quite sluggish and slow and takes a bit to get going, and when it eventually does get going, it trundles along in low gear. Nothing too drastic mind, but enough for it to be noticeable.


The one glaring criticism I would have is that “the night” that all the madness happened, isn't really here. Instead all you get are a few glimpses of the shenanigans via CCTV footage. Which in my opinion, is all well and good, but the movie would have been far better if the night of madness was included. As the bits you do see are absolutely hilarious, in particular one scene involving the stolen police car and the tiger! Besides that, the scrapes they get into are funny enough and are held together with some great pieces of dialogue.

All the cast are quite good and convincing and are very watchable. Special mention goes to Mike Tyson who has a wonderful, lengthy cameo. Its cleverly written and well shot and of course it is a glowing endorsement for Vegas, not that it needed one anyway.


Overall the hangover wont leave you with a pain in your head, but if you want the big laugh out loud moments, then you will have to wait for the credits. I really feel that there is probably a 3 hour epic movie in this, and here’s hoping in the inevitable DVD / Blu-Ray, unrated, extended, directors cut release will deliver that. The Hangover is solid enough, but could have been so much more!  And at least you do learn that Tigers don't like cinnamon.


The one with Corks Favourite Fantasies

Cork Talks Back Text Poll results from last night, re: Corks Favourite Fantasies!!!!!

3 Sum - 34%

Girl on Girl - 28%

Bondage - 10%

Sex with somebody older - 10%

Partake in an Orgy - 7%

Guy on guy - 6%

Watch someone pleasure themself - 5%

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The one with Sunday

Frank Kelly on the Late Night Interview Sunday night!

Monday, June 08, 2009

The one with a number

Put the following number in your phone! You will need it from midnight!!!!


The one with Spencer Tunick in Cork - the pics

Plenty of nudity in the name of "art" below, so be warned. Now you can go off and spend the next 30 minutes staring at the pics wondering can you see anybody you know and their bits. Click the pics to make them bigger. Clicking pics will only make the pics bigger :)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The one where if you fancy a heartattack, clink the link


The one with Project Natal

I know Im behind on this, but have'nt had much time on me hands! Plenty of stuff going on at E3 but Microsoft have really set the bar high with this one!

The one with David Carradine - RIP

David Carradine - RIP

The one with Spidey 4

Here's the teaser poster!

The one with Bitesize Cinema

Bitesize cinema is on tonight @ The Triskel. Entry is €5. Some great shorts, in particular Dog Altogether. Well worth popping along tonight! Best of luck to Tom Middleton!

SON { 2008 d. Daniel Malloy. 15m UK.}

Within the confines of an underground theatre’s vaults, a young boy finds himself trapped as the evening’s events unfold.

Stars Natalie Press (My Summer of Love, Red Road)


DOG ALTOGETHER { 2008 d. Paddy Considine 16m. UK.}

Dog Altogether is the story of Joseph, a man who is plagued by a violence and rage that is driving him to self destruction. As he falls further into turmoil Joseph scours the landscape in search of a single grain of redemption that might restore hope to his fractured life.

Dog Altogerther is Paddy Considine’s directorial debut.


MEANDER { 2007 d. Joke Liberage 8m Sweden.}

On a hot summer day, five adolescents seek refreshment near a river. Whilst we observe their behaviour within the group, the apparently calm day tends to be disrupted. A poetic short film, without dialogue, about a seemingly harmless and innocent day.


THE SICKIE { 2007 d. Robert Jones. 12m. UK.}

When events at work prove too stressful for Douglas Knott, a diligent and extremely busy office manager, he decides to throw a sickie. Unfortunately, his attempts to enjoy a day off are soon sabotaged by the insidious voice of his conscience. Literally.

Stars Toby Jones (Frost/Nixon, Infamous, W)

Full price: €5
Concession: €4
Available at Triskel Box Office :: (021) 427 2022

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The one with the mini movie review – Terminator Salvation

The Terminator series is one of my favourite franchises and has been for quite some time, so when the trailer first broke many moons ago I wet my pants. Bale looked great in the trailer and the action looked spectacular.

terminator-salvation-flash-posterSo, I arrived this morning to watch Terminator Salvation and it got off to a bad start immediately. No Terminator theme, instead, some by the numbers thing from Danny Elfman. Oh hang on, here’s the Dada….da..dada. Oh its gone. Right. Why change the theme????Time for the salvation to begin then I suppose.


The story this time round sees John Connor leading the resistance after Skynet became self aware and decided to nuke most of the planet. Connor spends his time between listening to old cassette tapes of his mother, running a little pirate style radio station and shooting endoskeletons at point blank range. Then, insert Marcus Wright into the mix ,who’s only memory is of being on death row in the early noughties. Eventually he meets Connor (who's not sure what he is, because there's no mention of him in the tapes) and the grand finale begins, which sees them go on a little rescue mission and an attempt to destroy Skynet. And that's basically Terminator Salvation.

There is plenty of action sequences here to keep you salivating. The Terminator bikes are great as are all the ships. The gigantic Terminator harvester is awesome, as it goes about picking up humans who will be turned into Terminators. All the set pieces are stunning, with some of the best action sequences of the summer so far. The T-600’s are a bit of a disappointment though. They just clamber around like overweight robotic donkeys with a gattling gun. If anything there’s not enough endoskeletons rampaging around the nuked up landscape. From past movies I was always led to believe that the endoskeletons roamed the landscapes in large packs, crushing skulls as they went. Not the case in Salvation.

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins

And no matter what you think of the Terminator franchise, you can never talk about it with out mentioning Arnold Schwarzenegger who has a cameo in this. Well, a digital cameo. A computer generated Arnie, appears in the latter half of the movie and it is certainly worth the wait as he looks amazing. As for the non digital members of the cast, Christian Bale still talks like Batman and has an average performance. I don't feel he is entirely convincing as the leader of the resistance, as he comes across a little disjointed at times and really plays second fiddle. Sam Worthington is far more convincing in the role of Marcus Wright. And the performance of the movie comes from Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese.


I really wanted to enjoy this movie, I really did. But for me, this doesn't feel like a Terminator movie. I appreciate that its a different story, in a different time but regardless it doesn't feel like it belongs in the franchise at all. For example – Star Wars still felt like Star Wars when it was Revenge of the Sith. All 103 Police Academy’s still felt like Police Academy’s. Maybe its McG’s vision for it, and to be fair he keeps the movie rolling at a solid pace, but it still doesn't feel right. Even the inclusion of the superb digital Arnie doesn't help! The dialogue with rehashing of some old famous lines and the inclusion of “You Could be mine” from Guns n’ Roses just come across as pure and utter cheesy muck.My other major gripe is the movie is a 12A. Maybe if the violence was toned up and it ended up as a 15A or 16 then it might have been some compensation.

Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins

As for McG calling Michael bay out to a penis measuring contest, If I were him, I wouldn't be pulling my pants off just yet.

On a final note, try as hard as I could, I couldn't love this movie. As a stand alone picture, its not so bad, in fact it would be enjoyable enough. But as part of a well loved franchise it just doesn't cut the mustard. Is it worth a watch? It is, but make sure to forget that your watching a Terminator movie and you’ll be fine!


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The one with the best way to half a water melon

How much are these things anyway?

The one after the bank holiday

Original title eh?

If you have just woken up from a coma, come back from the dead or was dumped in a ditch after being abducted by aliens, and have no idea what month it is, just look out the window. Its June. While June is classed as one of the 3 months of Summer, in other countries at least, June in this neck of the woods is exam time. So expect searing heat for the next few weeks. And as soon as the exams are over, we revert back to normal bollocks of rain, sleet and shite!


For the first time in ages, yesterday was a day where I completely and utterly chilled out. The day previous we bought a new grill for the BBQ, which cost €34! Yeah, for a piece of feckin’ metal. A damn site cheaper than forking out €300 for a new BBQ I suppose! So yesterday morning I went off and spent another fortune (!) on burgers and all the other things one fires onto a BBQ. There was enough food for a U.N. mission I reckon. After sitting in the sun for most of the afternoon we decided to haul hole to Mahon Point to break up the day, before the BBQ was fired up!


My quest for Cherry Coke came to an end yesterday, after a kind listener tipped me off on the location of some in a particular chemist. I’m not going to name the place, for complete and utter selfish reasons. If I mention it here, then the 5 people who read this, may likely go off and buy all the stock. Point being, it doesnt take much to make me happy.DSC03913

The rest of the evening was spent recovering and watching the MTV movie awards, which baring the cheap Eminem setup, was shite! Twilight me hole!

Anyways, back on air tonight! 9pm!!!!! Corks RedFM

P.S. If anyone really wants to know the location of the Cherry Coke, then send me a mail!

Monday, June 01, 2009