Monday, March 31, 2008

The one that has no dancing chimps

Like the title says, no dancing chimps in this one!

Ignorant pigs! If Im gonna moan about something, I may as well have a go at ignorant pigs of people. I stood in a longish line in a deli the other day. They ran out of rolls at the counter, so I obliged and moved 5 foot to grab a roll off the shelf. Like a vulture after spotting a rotting carcass, an absolute pig of a woman decide to swoop in and take my place. The same pig stood was standing behind me in the line. Either way, within 3 seconds I was back to find my place taken and the said pig ordering a half chicken. I found it amazing she was'nt ordering a full one, the pig! So, being the polite gentleman I am, I decided to let it slide. Then she decided to order a whole heap of other shite.

Well, that straw broke this camels back and I decided to say "I was in front of you" to which she responded in her pig language something along the lines of "You weeeenttt awaaaaayyyy". So there was a bit of raised voice's on my behalf and the words f$%k and ignorant were used in the direction of the pig. She then decided to grab her stuff, knowing she was in the wrong and walk off. Fearing there may be a scene like something out of a Resident Evil movie, a member of staff came over and promptly got me what I wanted. Either way, I absolutely cant, in no uncertain terms, tolerate ignorant f$%king pigs like that wan! And if your reading this, I hope you choked on your chicken, YOU PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rooooaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Time to get out the inflatable punch bag!