Thursday, March 23, 2006

Last one of the week

RedFM Blogs

I cant believe how fast this week has gone. We're all gone blogging mad, so make sure you check out the links at the side for some serious RedFM Bloggin action! Who knows what you'll find out. Some of it may even make you cry! Absolutley savage show last night, if I do say so myself. Up the walls busy!

One of the topics was "Does TV encourage teens to have underage sex". Personally I dont buy into it. If theres something dodgy on after 9pm and some 12 year old is watching it, then its the parents fault. Its as simple as that! Its the exact same as the idiotic parents who allow there 12 year olds to watch an 18s flick. I do accept that some 18s flicks are nothing but violence and bad language, but theres a reason that little Johnny wont be let into an 18s movie at the flick house.When I was growing up I used to have a TV in my bedroom, which was set up for the southcoast tv thing! Anytime there was anything dodgy, one of the parents were out to the room wondering what I was watching. So any filth watching for the night was abandoned. As most of you will agree, the male of the species are horny period! Sure there was nights that I probably escaped with getting to see a pair of boobs on the TV, but I never decided "Right Im off out to have sex" One thing that did stick in my mind was a documentary about AIDS! That planted the whole "protect yourself before you wreck yourself" attitude in me little brain. It worked. Never had an STI! Teenagers are naturally curious, christ we all were and it really grind my gears when I hear parents avoiding the birds and the bees talk! Armed with a bit of knowledge teenagers are sorted! Maybe some parents are living in the land where babies are delivered by storks!

One of our callers on Tuesday night was invited out to try a blind food test last night. Basically she would only shop in Marks and Sparks and had, as far as I was concerned a certain snobby air about her. Well she arrived last night, and we fed her. Olives, Bread, Ceral, Coffee and Crackers. Everyday food. Admittingly it was a bit bizarre staring at someones face while they ate and ate. She thought all the items had either been purchased from The English Market or Marks. Risteard arrived in with 2 lots of reciepts, and its a pity we're not on the TV because the look on her face was priceless. Everything she ate and drank had been from Lidl and Aldi. The amount of texts that came in were huge. As one listener txt in "The nile isnt just a river in Egypt"

Last night in between everything else I managed to play 2 tracks off GMC's new album "Diggin a Hole". The plan is to play 1 or 2 more this evening. Its been on in the car for the last few days and its really rockin stuff. Great to see another Cork guy enter into the legends of Cork music!

My copy of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for the Xbox 360 arrived yesterday. I havent had a great deal of time to get into it, but first impressions are Wow. Its hard but really immersive! Hopefully over the weekend Ill squeeze in some serious Recon action! The Blazing Angels demo has also gone up on Xbox Live and its a 600mb+ download but its worth it. Really playable!

Nice wan for dropping by