Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Better Late than Never

Way behind today, and getting 2 tyres for the car didnt help. Wednesdays arent one of my better days. Lots of feedback from the drug topics last night, in particular on the PROC, The Gaff and radiowaves. Also thanks for all the calls and texts. We had so much calls last night, that we've decided to continue tonight and get some more comments.

The porn also seemed to ignite, but my mother has almost disowned me because of it. Im sure she thought I led a very sheltered life :) I felt it was only fair that I spoke the truth when I was asked if I had any porn in my collection. Whats good for the listeners is good for the talk show host.

I still havent got around to watching Crash or The Hitchhikers Guide, but roll on this weekend, as for next weekend I have a bloody wedding to go to. Im just not a big fan of weddings period, maybe thats why I havent walked down the aisle yet. I hate all the fuss, and Im sure people are saying "Sure, Fuck it, dont go". I wish. Its a family wedding so I have no choice, and anyway they're a really sound couple. If I can get out of the designated driver role, it mightnt be so bad :)

The online poker continues, and Ive now won over €1000!!!!!! Not bad for a beginner. Pity its only Play money :(

I got home last night, and watched my Sky + (doesnt have the same ring as Tivoed) Karl Spain wants a woman and Gaybo. Im really happy the Karls show is doing so well, its very funny. I have to say the Gaybo series has been brilliant. Both intriguing and inspirational! Thats it for now!