Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Im suprised this blog has fallen into my daily routine. I know some of you doubted my capability of regular updates. Shame on you...Bastards!

Late N Live Top 5 reasons P Diddy changed his name to Diddy (16/8/05)

5 – His other choice was Big Diddy P P

4 – Nobody wanted to buy his new aftershave, essence of P

3 – His new line of t-shirts which read “I Love The P” didn’t sell as well as he hoped

2 – Diddy sounds a lot less gay than P Diddy

1 –It really pissed him off the time he fell overboard
On his yacht and people started yelling P Overboard

A NEW medical device that claims to shift cellulite is set to become the latest weapon for the ladies. Lotions, potions and creams which promise to transform the dimpled cottage-cheesy skin that affects the thighs and backsides of women are now being challenged by a new remedy on the block - a laser-like device which uses heat, deep tissue massage and suction to reduce the cellulite look. Sounds good, finally looks like the scientists have got to the bottom of cellulite mystery.

BUZZARDS and nightjars are among long-threatened species of birds making a comeback in this country, to the delight of birdwatchers and environmentalists. Its bad news for the dogging community as the more birdwatchers that show up in an area, the less likely someone is to have sex on the top of their bonnet. Some doggers have been voicing their opinions on this saying the last time they saw a tit was when it stopped to eat some nuts.

Now that most of you have read the above, you've probably gone back to googling your name or something.
Anyway, Im still waiting on the price of the Xbox 360 to be released in Euro. I know its starting at 209.99 Sterling, which isnt bad. Ive kinda half promised my Xbox to me Dad if I get the new 360. Why do I get these mad notions to get one of these things, like everything else itll end up gathering dust.
The Late Night Midnight Munchie recipes have returned with a bang last night. Just outta the blue, like a hot piece of toast. We are going to run this for a few weeks, with a winner being selected each week. Basically I will go and purchase said ingredients, cook and eat whatever on the show. Theres some really bizarre shit coming in that people are eating. I might die or choke on air. I guess that would be preferable to getting a really bad case of the shits.

I managed to take in about an hour of day time TV today and had the misfortune of watching Extreme Home Makeover (Im sure you know that one). Whatever about the europeans doing crazy tv shows, our American friends really pile it on thick. Besides pimping the shite out this familys house, they also bought the Dad a Ford F 250 Truck and one of the daughters a Mustang. Good god almighty, they're ratings must be savage to say they can do all this. I cant see RTE doing the same over here can you. Alright maybe an oul 2nd hand Toyota Hilux and a 95 Honda civic maybe. Oh and some new non floral wallpaper.

Leaving Cert results come out today. For most, its the best excuse they can give to their parents for coming home covered in puke and smelling like a pub. I hope all goes well for does who got their results today. I remember getting mine first time round, and lying to my slightly naive parents about the results. When they found out I had to go back and repeat. Repeating was a nightmare with some guys coming from other schools to repeat. Granted some of them looked like they were 34 and had done some hard time in Cork prison. It was around this time that I first started to grow hair on my face and the oul Dean gave me serious shit over it. In fact I had to shave it off or face expulsion. When one of the new "boys" grew a full beard, what happened to him. Shag all, thats what. The Dean was probably afraid, that this guy could have cut him to shreds with a rusty spoon. Apparently the rusty spoon shredding technique was quite popular in prisons back in those days.

Anyways, I must go off now and cook something called dinner. Dinner for 1 today only. God love me.

*************NOT A HOPE - Signed GOD***************