Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The one with Obama as President


Well the Barack brought it home last night and like many I stayed up and watched the events unfold. I'm sure many thought that an African American would never become President, or would have even made for the Democratic nomination. No doubt, there are still thousands, if not ten of thousands of narrow minded individuals who will have trouble accepting a black man for President.
But!!! the color of his skin has nothing to do with his capability of running the country.

If we can learn anything from this Presidential election, which has had the biggest ever voter turnout, we should learn that it is vital to get out and vote when the time comes. Americans who never voted, voted yesterday. Americans who would have preferred to shoot beer bottles off a tree, went out and voted. And we can certainly learn something from that.

History was made last night! History will judge in the years to come. And in my view history will state that Barack Obama is and was the right man for the job and personally, he is nothing but inspirational.

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