Friday, November 28, 2008

The one with something for the weekend!

Came home last night and woke the house, with Lips on Xbox 360. Karaoke action for the videogame generation. Inevitablty, this will be compared to Singstar on the PS3. More of the same basically, although to me it seems a little slicker. And the wireless mics work a dream. All I need is to able to sing, which I cant. Check it out, its something that will work very well on Xmas night, after you start falling down from too much food and booze!

Gonna be in Club Light in Mallow tonight, from 11.30pm, so pop in and say hi and then go off and shake yer bits!

Anyway, enjoy your weekend and dont forget Sunday @ 10pm, CTB with me. Get it Off Your Chest, Gerald Kean on the Late Night Interview and all things movies, with "The Movie Bit"

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The Sexy Pedestrian said...

That woman looks like a melted ice-cream.