Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The one where the madness continues at the BBC

Where does this all end? Read this in the Times this morning. If you cant be arsed clicking the link, it basically states that the JOKE made by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear about lorry drivers murdering prostitutes is after receiving hundreds of complaints.

I wonder how long it will be, before the self righteous gobshites all jump on the band wagon and the complaints hit the thousands ala Brand and Ross. This is all getting out of hand if you ask me. People need to climb down off their big fuckin' high horses and take things for what they are, a bloody Joke. For some, no doubt it is in bad taste, but then the color of Clarkson's shirt is also bad taste for some.

When people end up in the media, be it on radio or TV and get to be quite good and entertaining, there is always going to be the love / hate relationship. I wonder out of the 500 odd complainants, how many saw the programme Sunday night and indeed how many are Clarkson haters, who would relish the idea of him losing his job, making no income and him and his family starve and die in that lighthouse he has in the Isle of Man.

Top Gear and Clarkson has a huge audience and is a huge ratings puller for BBC2. So is Ross. In my view, I don't think they can afford to Clarkson or Ross go elsewhere. I'm sure the other networks in the UK, driven by advertising would give their left leg to have Ross or Clarkson on their books and pay alot more than the BBC have forked out for their TALENTS. Yes, these people are talented at what they do. People surely don't think they earn small fortunes for being a talentless hack, do they???

Ive been on the receiving end of complaints over the years and the subsequent "meeting" conversations certainly aren't nice. But its amazing how people will do their very best to try and get you out of a job for something so trivial.

If people want boring television and radio, either here or the UK, that's what they'll get eventually, because the real talent will just say "Fuck this" and go elsewhere. And its the majority of people who enjoy it will suffer! Not the self righteous shower!!!!

Theres a very, very simple rule for radio and tv. If you don't like it, switch it off!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quite a number of people have a unique ability to distinguish between a joke and something blatantly malicious. I'm not entirely sure what this ability is called, but Ive a feeling its called intelligence.

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