Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The one with Christmas and sync your google cal with yer itouch, worlds worst beatboxer and something to make you cry

Loooonnngg title. Firstly, lets get the geeky thing out of the way. I use Google calendar religiously. I use my iPod Touch also religiously. Can you sync the google calendar to the actual ipod one? Like feck you can. That was until last night I came across this wonderful site. http://www.nuevasync.com
Register an account, go to status and setup. Enable the google calender. Fill out the details. Allow it access to google cal (all straight forward, follow onscreen carry on). Then follow the couple of steps here and now all those important google calendar dates magically appear on your ipod calendar. Its amazing what you find when your bored off yer tits at 3 in the morning.

This morning, far more than yesterday morning, I realised Christmas is not too far away. So now the bullshit kicks into full gear. I have a mad notion to start some Xmas shopping (online of course) today, and no doubt the rest of the world does as well. So in 10 minutes time I'll be shopping like a mad thing, yeah right. All these things start with the best of intentions and then your off scratching your hole as opposed to belting in your plastic free money number thing. 

We all know, logically, that its the thing to do. I spoke to someone the other day who said they had all their Christmas shopping done. I don't know do I believe them. We all like a bit of mayhem now and again and what better time of the year to enjoy it! Surely its a turn on for some people to run around the city and county at 4pm on Christmas eve, looking for the last bottle of Old Spice. It must be like paying a hooker to strangle you when they don't have it, or the place is closed. Maybe we do thrive on disaster.

Either way, if you are doing some online carry on, keep an eye out this Friday as loads of American online stores will have their thanks giving black Friday lark. Anyway, I'm off now to do some gardening..or something. What did I say again?

Here la, words worst beatboxer and following him, something that you'll need the tissues for. The B-man should be an inspiration to us all!

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