Monday, November 24, 2008

The one with the marriage course

Being a fairly busy weekend. Was in Club Light on Friday night and had a pretty good gig! Saturday we were heading to a dinner party and Sunday was pencilled in to do nothing! But before any of that I had to endure a marriage course. For years, I  had heard of horror stories about these courses. How they went on for years (slight exaggeration) and people broke up because of them. I wasn't worried about the breaking up part, but I was a little dodgy about how long it would take. 

Either way, my attitude was "Theres no fuckin way some holy joe is gonna tell me how to run our relationship and so on" and I was quite adamant about the whole thing. Contrary to what I'm like on air, I'm a little more reserved in real life (ahem) but close family members felt the wrath of my marriage course rage. So we went down on Saturday afternoon and we spent 2 of best and most inspiring hours with Irene, who's just outside Newtwopothouse. I was blown away. No holy, holy stuff. But so much food for thought and so many questions we asked ourselves. Tiny little things like "Do ye still talk to each other in same tone as ye did when you first started going out?" Stuff like that which makes you think! As I said, I was not looking forward to this, but the whole thing was amazing. I guess it helped, that Irene was a natural charmer and should really be writing books and performing at comedy clubs. I really cant praise her enough. After it was all said and done people were ringing "How'd ye get on?" And none of them could or would believe my reaction to the thing! Anyway, Ive only experience one marriage course and going by what I heard, they should all be like this one!!!!!

Saturday evening was spent with good friends and far too much good food and drink. For the second Sunday running, The Sunday times laid unopened. And I don't know about you, but I cant really read a Sunday paper on any other day of the week. After my culinary skills whipped up a Tabasco infused scrambled egg with bacon, we spent the rest of the day on the couch, in front of feck knows what and a couple of rounds of Buzz on the PS3, before I started sorting shit for the show.

And late last week, won a golden spider award which is feckin brilliant. The actual golden spider looks like something out of a Spielberg flick!

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