Thursday, November 13, 2008

The one where its the blogs birthday!

I'm useless. Absolutely useless. I thought it was today, but after a quick nose through the archives, it was yesterday. Ladies, Gentleman and web crawlers, Down with my life is 4 years old!

I cant imagine the thing has lasted this long, but it has grown into a monster that now lives inside me, ala some Ridley Scott film. And to tell you the truth, I cant see it ever bursting out through my chest. I'm a regular reader of the archives and find it amazing at how the blog and yours truly has changed. Methinks I'll have to go back to typing the fuck word more :)

So, for the birthday celebrations, I'm gonna sit at home with a drink and a cake (If I feckin had one) and nose through the archives. Anyway, Ive picked the birth date date November 12th to take a look back at blog postings on that date, from the last 4 years.
So it begins....

Finally crawled out of bed. Does anyone ever notice the longer you stay in bed the shittier you feel. All I know now is I have to bring the washing in off the line and settle down in front of Halo 2. Eircom people have rung saying my broadband is being processed so after 7 years of dial up I'm finally going to have a decent connection.
I'm starting to think about Xmas stuff already, but take alook at Gotta love that turkey and gravy flavour. I might check back later.

Nothing on that date, so I'll go with the date after (13th)
I was like Tom Cruise himself over the weekend, with one exception. He was running away from the Aliens, while I was chasing them. All the video shops kept the release date for War of the Worlds, which surprised me to be fair. Normally I get most of my DVDs from the states, but some titles recently are coming out here first.
You know your getting old when your in of a Friday night waiting to see whats on the Late Late and now you know your sad running around the place after a feckin DVD.
As for our caller Jane who needed a bit of help, from Thursday nights show I will be announcing in just under 30 minutes what we will be doing.
That's it for now kiddie winks. Laters

Same as last time, twas a Sunday, so this one from the 13th...christ
A very later than usual update today. Last night I briefly mentioned "Anybody know what Emergence day is?". Many people responded with a few words..GEARS...OF...WAR... I replied to those who knew telling them about what will be happening on Thursday night!
What will be happening is the following! I have just recorded an interview with Cliffy B (the lead designer on Gears of War) and will be packaging up a whole piece which will run just before midnight on Thursday night! The interview with Cliffy was extremely fun! Lets just say many of you will be expanding your vocab to include "Horstashio". All shall be revealed.
I will ALSO have some copies of the most anticipated game of the year, to giveaway.
In other news, I have a brand spanking new copy of Gears of War on my desk! Roll on midnight!

Nothing on the date again (for fuck sake) but there is something on the 14th
I still have the flu but it seems to be leaving me and going off on holidays for a while. So I shall be back on air tonight!
That is all. Move along!!!!

Well wasn't all that mon-u-fuckin-mental!!!!!! None of my amazing posts seem to fall on that day. Im currently around 50 posts away from 1000 and the goal is to nail that before the year is out!

On a final note, for those of you that read this and have done for quite some time, make this blogger happy and post your birthday wishes in the comments section. It'll make me feel all warm and hard!


Carol C. said...

Happy bithday to blog,
happy birthday to blog,
happy birthday to blog,
happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu!!

Congrats on 4 years of typing!! keep 'em comin Vic!!

Vic Barry said...

Ahhhh, thanks for that Carol :)

What about the rest of ye?????
It still not too late to send a present to the usual address