Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The one about Irish men and their arses on TV

Today is one of those days! I was up early and the day is dragggggggiiiinnnnngggggggg. As I punch the keys its 14:58. It feels like it should be 22:43; to be exact. Plus, I'm battling some weird alien disease or something at the moment which, now that I think about it, could be something to do with time slowing down!

One of the topics I covered last night was this brothel in Prague, where plane loads of Irish punters are throwing their hairy legs over a hooker and in turn for free sex, their hairy hole is broadcast all over the adult channels. I even spoke to the manager of the place who explained that nearly 10% of the clientele are Irish blokes.  Now, like most normal people I'm not gonna turn off porn if it comes on the TV, or if I find it by accident on the Internet. Which happens to the best of us. Many moons ago, I'm talking back in the days when Burgerland was still in Pana, I even ran a Jenna Jameson fan page. Miss Jameson was a pristine porn star, with immaculate co-stars. Then I discovered amateur porn, which is great. Its normal; and people in the thing actually look like your next door neighbour, or at least someone you might have spotted in the local shop buying a sliced pan.

Whats going on in the Big Sister place, is kinda like amateur porn. But I don't know about the local Corkonian arriving at the door.

"Is this on the telly, girl?"
"Oh right, fuck, I dunno about this"
"Its OK, it only on satellite television"
"Thats alright so, me oul doll only has the aerial on the roof like"
"So, ah, will, ah, I, ah, get me, aaaahhh gear off"
"Even me socks?"
"Right so! You too guuurrrll. Lets see them chats like"
"Ja, what you want to do"
"Errraaahh, whatever like"
"You want on top?"
"Ahh, no like. Herself always lies on her back. Id lurve somethin' different like. Ya know, I always get curry with the chips, but this waaan time they gave me mayo and twas daycent."
"Oh Jesus gurl, I'm not into that kinda thing at all. I thought about it once with a jar of bovril, but didn't bother in the end"

Don't think the lead in conversations from the Irish contingent would float too many boats. Maybe its just as well the majority of porn is watched with the sound turned off!

Out of curiosity, wheres the female equivalent of the above club?????

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