Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The one with the last few days!

Friday - Spend most of the day playing Gears of War 2, after dealing with a whole shit storm about one comment hat was made. Argue with car insurance company over renewal quote. Back to Gears. She who must be obeyed gets odd as Im still chainsawing fuckers up hours after she gets home from work. Decide to go out for food to local new Bar and Brasserie, The Crows Nest. Pub menu is over with and restaurant menu is in full effect. End up in the restaurant and have a decent enough meal. Come back home, dogs rain piss all over the back garden and go upstairs to our bed. Head to Mahon Point with the intention of a major shopping spree. Spend nothing and wander around Next waiting for the traffic to clear at 9. Debate going to W. but decide against it. Get home and the rest of the night is erased from my memory. No recollection at all.

Saturday - Get up. Too late for breakfast, so end up with some shit chicken thing for brunch. Spend most of day playing Gears of War 2 again. Much to dismay of herself, who ends up watching some soccer match in Hi Def. Finally emerge from the cinema and Gears 2 and hit up Eddie Rockets for dinner. Get home. Hit up itunes and beatport for some music. From there on in, hit the shower and get to Mallow for the gig in Club Light. Great night, get home for around 3.30am ish and lie in bed with the ipod rockin out on the web still 5am, as I cant sleep.

Sunday - Get up late again. Hit up the shop to get the Sunday Times. Vedge out in front of Gears of war again! Finish the game and call herself in to witness ending. She's relieved its all over. Decide to light the fire for the first time since January. Use sections of still unopened and unread Sunday times to get a fire log lit, that Ger ruined by attempting to light it the night before. Sunday Times finally assists in getting the fire going. Start sorting shit out for the show. Get to the station for around 8pm. Get home for around 1am ish. Collapse on the couch with Top Gear and go to bed and dont really sleep.

Monday - Get up after 4 hours sleep as lately Im having trouble sleeping. Still wondering whats wrong my lungs and chest. This shits been going on for weeks now. And because Im male, I wont go to the doctor. Car is due for a service and a door cable needs to be sorted. Get to the garage for 10am after a 8am get up time. Call into parents. Get home. Car ready. Collect it. Sort shit for the show. Go to the show. Great show. Home, collapse in front of Kevin Smiths new Q&A.

Tuesday - End up with mank chicken wrap for lunch. Updating blog with Kevin Smiths Q&A, on the TV. Battery in laptop going.

And thats it!!!

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