Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Im gonna have to get in some practise with Gears of War online! As many of you know by know Ill be getting my skull smashed between 3 and 5pm on Saturday afternoon! Just add vicbarry to your friends list!

The little oul special is nearly complete for Thursday night and make sure you wait till the very end, as you never know what might happen :) Another marathon session of GOW was put in last night when I crawled home after the show. 5am this morning I decided to turn off the 360 and Im only after making a minor dent into the game.

Lots of tear jerking stuff last night about Suicide. Its a taboo subject for alot of people with many callers last night asking for the topic to be ended. To be honest I was a little shocked with the amount of callers that had personal experience of Suicide! Lots of people out there and when 6% of the health budget goes on Suicide prevention it doesnt add up. Maybe Suicide is the wrong word, considering it has been decriminilised here and theoretically it is impossible. What sounds better, "Oh he done himself in" There is no nice way of saying it. Ill be following up on this later on!

Thats it for now, if your new to the blog have a nose through the archives. You'll never know what you might find!

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