Thursday, November 23, 2006

There seems to be a certain confusion out there about the latest radio ratings. Not that people care that much but it is causing a "What the feck is going on" when stations are saying they are number 1. No matter how bad a ratings book, a station can always put a positive spin on it. As for Red, its a no spin zone with the latest JNLR book. Heres what I posted on the gaff

Just to throw my five cents into the well. Market Share is based on how long people listen to a station. Listened yesterday is the actual body of people who listen. So as it stands from yesterdays JNLR, RedFM is number 1 in the 15-34 demographic during the day when it comes to the listened yesterday ratings. At night Red is also number 1 in both the 15-34 sample AND All adults (Aged 0-190) again in the listened yesterday ratings.

Confirmed as the Number 1 Under 35 Radio Station across Cork - Listened Yesterday

Confirmed as the Number 1 Under 35 Radio Station across Cork - Weekly Reach

Delivering more adults each day than RTE Radio 1, RTE 2FM, Today FM and almost twice as popular as County Sound 103FM

Confirmed as Cork’s most popular night-time station – 33% ahead of its nearest rival

Thats official.
There was some cakes (the pic, which Ive robbed off Phils blog, to celebrate and I think a few of the wilder ones will be going for a glass of lemonade something soon.

So hopefully thats cleared things up! Going back to last night, one of the topics covered was the Dance For Life event coming up this Saturday at Redz. Our own Stevie G will be getting the dancing started. Check out the Dance4Life page or hook up with the bebo page! Its a great event and is raising the awareness about HIV and AIDS big time! If your an Xbox 360 owner you can also donate by downloading the Dance4Life video on Xbox Live. Its 150 MS Points! Fair play like!!!

I can feel the Xmas moan coming on. At the moment its around my ears. Now that said, it doesnt feel like Xmas, regardless of the lights the Xmas trees going up around the place. I guess it doesnt really feel like Christmas until some ignorant Share collector is ramming a collection box into your jaw!

  • What do I wear?
  • What dont I wear?
  • Heels or not?
  • Me Cat boots or me new going out "black" shoes?
  • Armani or that aftershave from Next?
  • McDonalds or (what seems to Corks most popular destination for dates) Luigi Malones?
  • Black jocks or no jocks?
  • Chick Flick or boring flick which will lead to boredom and fumbling?
  • Do I say I was in prison for killing my neighbours or not?
  • Do I say I have 9 kids or not?
  • What the fuck do I do if they dont turn up?
  • What the fuck do I do if they do turn up and pretend to waiting for someone else
  • Do I flash my wallet, showing its packed with rubbers or be a bit more subtle?
  • Overall car valet or just get rid of the Tayto packets in the back seat?
  • Am I capable of eating in front of another human, who I hope will open their legs at the end of the night?
And so on and so forth. Some of the many questions that are and should be asked on a first date! Believe it or not Ive gone on a fair few first dates and Ive survived most of them. As I said on the show last night, be wide of the chicken wings, particuarly if they are covered in a sauce so thick theres no chicken, just sauce on a bone! They say that (look I have no idea who They are, who does) what restaurant and more importantly how you eat in front of someone gives them an idea of what your like in the sack! I was fairly destroyed with BBQ sauce, so Ill leave the rest of it up to your imagaination! No bone jokes please!

So on a final note thanks again for making the show where its YOUR opinion counts, number 1 at night!

Lapper clubs and Munster tickets are just some of whats coming up tonight!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

aahh someone loves vic long time, no dollar.oxoxoxo

mark said...

gud show tonite vic how u keeping????

Anonymous said...

This was a well thought blog... I keep listening to the show from the u.s.a. in St. Louis.