Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A whole 5 days have passed, I believe, since this was last updated. So I may as well make it worth your while today....

Keeping with all things video, I never across this one before, but for any of you famous types out there, I believe its an instructional video on how to conduct yourself in an interview. Ben Affleck is some teacher!

Ill keep it in mind for that big interview with Anne Doyle some day....Cmon Anne, sit on my knee!

Dont ask how I found the above pic! Theres a new site out there which features nothing but pictures of women with wine. I know the internet is full of bizarre things like trampling over frogs with high heels, but is anyone out there gonna take their pants off to some wan slugging down some cheap vino..............fair point, I shouldnt have asked

I think this one explains itself

The net has been awash with the above image all morning. Somebody has "leaked" an image / still from the new Transformers movie. If theres mass killing of humans in this one, it could be good
Some long ass bridge in china

Some fellas with a 500 tonnes catfish..or something

Our Cork Lights Back campaign, could well kick off over the next few days, so make sure you keep checking the blog and tuning in on a nightly basis.

People are still talking about the Late Late intruder. If they have any sense and more importantly the know how on making a good tv show, the Late Late crowd should get the mad man back on the show this Friday night. Yes, a few feathers were ruffled and Pat probably thought "A situation I cant possibly handle, what will I do...I know....Ill say thanks". To be honest I dont care what this guy has invented, but Im more interested in watching him, langers, calling Pat an arsehole or whatever. If it gets out of hand all the auld Bridys can storm the stage and form a cirlce around Pat, to protect him. Im serious in this suggestion, if theres anyone from RTE reading this (and I know there are...for a fact!!!) get the drunken man on the show! Someone text my own show the other night, saying the Toy Show is on THIS Friday. Not sure if it is or not, but get him on that. Having him singing with the obligatory Westlife appearance. Have him call all the kids arseholes. When he decideds to trample and smash all the toys, dont cut to the adds!!!!
I experienced a similar incident last night, when some drunken mad man stormed the studio at the start of the show. Unlike RTE, I decided there and then to let it run and not take a song or ad break!

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starchaser said...

jesus! that transformers image looks maaad!!!!

looking forward to it.