Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sometimes I find things unbelievalbe, like this. What do I find unbelievable today? the fact that one of Irelands biggest retail outlets when it comes to DVDs and video games (including rentals, especially rentals) cant tell me jack shit about the HD-DVD drive addon for the Xbox 360. Plenty of you have been buying HD TVs and projectors over the last while. With the exception of Sky HD and a fairly sooooopppeeedddd up PC not many will have experience true Hi Def. Thats gonna change tomorrow with the arrival of the HD-DVD Drive for the Xbox 360. As many of you know, one of my many vices is movie collecting. Last Saturday night was my official last purchase of anything on DVD. I picked up the new Jeremy Clarkson DVD. What a way to end a vast collection of movies, Jeremy bloody Clarkson. From here on in, its gonna be HD-DVD. I have the drive pre ordered for the last 2 weeks, but I decided to ring around, just in case Shop A dont get it and so on. The rubbish Im getting is nothing short of mindblowing.

"Oh that wont be out till next February"

"The Hard Drive is it, oh yeah we have that alright"

"Hang on and Ill ask someone, actually there all mounting each other in the back room. Call back in 2 minutes!"


Kudos to Gamestop as they seem to be the only retailer that have a clue of whats going on! It shouldnt be that hard should it for the other places. Maybe its XTRA work to figure out whats what or what GAME goes into what machine, but for feck sake yer getting paid to do a job, do it...or sign on!


Snatch Comedy are going to be in the final hour of the show tonight, so make sure you dont miss that as well as the usual stuff, on the show where tis Your Opinion That Counts!!!!!!!!!!


Ned said...

True Vic, but you have to remember when you worked in Game all those years ago, you were the only person I could have a decent conversation about regarding the new 3dfx card that I wanted to play Quake with!

Vic Barry said...

Remind me who you are!

Ned said...

Christ, you wouldn't even remember me now, I used to work in Let's Talk Phones around then, and you'd an inredibly hot blonde girl working with you too at the time. Anyway, as I said, long long time ago, my blog's linked off my profile, but it's great to see you doing so well at the Show!