Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Yes Im alive, after last nights Halloween special.....just about. 25 stitches, a crutch and a months supply of grapes is what I have for my trouble now!

Another bank holiday goes by and the race to Christmas is on. I like Christmas, contrary to popular belief, but I absolutely despise the fuss that goes with it. People running around like headless chickens. I dont think Ive been in the city centre on Xmas Eve in years. Last year I ventured to Mahon Point early in the morning and that was about it! Ill do a selection of buying on the webinternet thing over the next few weeks and that'll be my lot. Im still cringing and suffering from empty reaching when I see decorations in supermarkets. Last week alone I had a brush with Christmas, which was a bit too close to call. We ended up in B&Q nosing around and of course the woman of my life spotted their large decorations display. Hence we came away with a small fortune of glisteny things, multi colored lights and a small sick bag. I have a family wedding a few days after jesus's birthday, so thats taking some of the sting outta Christmas....thankfully.
As I said I like Christmas, I just dont like the fuss...ahem!

My Xbox360 still hasnt blown up. If it goes this time, Ill be calling to Bills house personally. He probably has bullet proof windows but surely they wont stop an Xbox tied onto the front of a rental car travelling at high speed. Id also have a selection of tranqualisers for his trained chimp army!

Halloween went off without any hassle on the show at least. Lots of pissed off people out there if calls and texts are anything to go by. There shall be a follow up tonight. Theres still a selection of nuts and funsize heartattacks in multicolored wrappers down stairs as I speak. The children didnt call in their droves as was expected last night. Probably something to do with the fact that when the said "Trick or Treat" last year, I replied "Trick". No rabbits were pulled from hats, no children were sawed in half, nothing!! These days, and this has taken me years to translate, "Trick or Treat" means "Give us what ever sugary shit you have, or we'll stone your car and egg your house. Dont bother giving us any nuts or apples or any of that shite either, or we'll burn your house to the ground and egg the smouldering remains"

That is all for today. I shall leave you with a selection of photographic material!

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