Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why stop the trend of the week so far...on this blog at least. Every other blog has being doing it for years.....

Kevin Federline is on the left, some weasel with a microphone on the right!

I wont ask about this one and neither should you. Some graduation party though!

Cameron Diaz, just doesnt have it anymore..for me anyway. In the above pic she looks like shes gonna read a few fortunes....or sell a few carpets!

Moscow apparently!

Britney Spears has filed for divorce from Weasel Federline. Who ever said this woman was stupid and brain dead was way out of line. Shes just a bit slow. She did divorce him...eventually!
Whats going to happen to K-Fed. I stand to be corrected, but I dont think they have a pre-nup, so he'll get a few million no doubt. Or will he? After all, dont pre nups start the moment you get married. Britney hasnt worked since they got married so maybe he wont get enough! I feel sorry for their kids though. They havent had a real Daddy yet and who knows when a real one will clamber into bed for daddy duties with Britney!

Air Freshners are wonderful, arent they? They disguise the smell of dog piss and shit quite well. They provide headaches for some as an added bonus. But recently enough, a new style of air freshner arrived. Im not sure when, but at least a couple of years anyway! The ones that sit on the wall on a little hook, that cant be removed without tearing down half the plaster board. The ones that take batteries. Yes, the automatic ones that take a canister of "Apple delight with a hint of burning dog" or whatever air freshner you can get into it. I wonder is it possible to get a can of Lynx into one of these yokes. Then the house could smell like "Africa"...hahaha...It wasnt really funny, but original though. Anyway, after a few weeks of these things running (we have 2) they start to sound like their dying. The wheezing and coughing out of them is just comical. It sounds like they've been smoking for 60 years and are on a death bed. Replacing the batteries would be the obivious option, but that just takes the fun out of it!

Thats my lot for today. Theres a puppy downstairs that will eat an entire table if I dont go down and feed him...and the freezer is full of chocolate cocks!

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