Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The one with Aliens and Predators, the way it should be

I've been a huge fan of the Alien and Predator series for as long as I can remember. No doubt many of you are long time fans as well. No doubt, a couple of years back, the boner and moistness inducing Aliens vs Predator was announced. Before people had a chance to blow their load, it was also announced that it would be tame, with a glorified rating. Essentially that meant, that the violence and gore was no more. I remotely enjoyed AvP, but ultimately felt sorely disappointed. Well, provided your 18 and over, check the youtube trailer below.

A new AvP movie with shit loads of gore and violence! Finally, something to look forward to. Dont get me wrong, Im not some crazed, blood thirsty crack pot, I'm just excited that this new AvP movie looks the business. Finally, a movie to maybe do some justice to the Dark Horse series. Nosing around the web, a few people seem to be getting upset that a kid is killed in the trailer. What do you expect. Lets be honest, if there were a few Alien's or Predators strolling down Patrick St. on a Saturday afternoon, they'd be pulling babies outta prams left, right and center. The kids' only chance of survival, would be a glass bottle attack by their hoop earing clad mammy! I can hear the conversation in me head alread "C'mere ya big fuckin gooowwwllll. I'll fuckin tear ya"

On another note, Derek Moorey, the dad who is on hunger strike outside City Hall was offered accomodation for himself and his family, by a Cork Talks Back listener. The goodwill of Corkonians never ceases to amaze me. Fairplay to all involved.

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