Thursday, October 18, 2007

The one with Oh My God and Waaaatttevvvvaaa

The country has become too Americanized! Some listeners had that belief last night, while many others felt that its a good thing. Id be in agreement with the latter. Lets be blatantly honest about it. The Irish couldn't survive without an occasional Big Mac or Whopper now and again. Corkonians couldn't survive with out "French Fries" and curry. I would be in that category as well! If theres not a mouthfull of moo cow on a bun goes past my lips on a regularish basis, then I feel something is missing. Starbucks have recently started their assault on Irish soil. Theres more Starbucks in New York alone than anywhere else. And no doubt we'll have a similar situation here in a few years. But whats wrong with that? Nothing if you ask me. Isnt it all about choice!!!!! If we didnt have Hollywood churning out flicks on a regular basis, we'd all be going to the cinema to watch Michael Collins, Eat the Peach and The Van and one or two other flicks. If we didnt have McDonalds etc.etc. we'd still be eating cabbage water sandwiches. And if the porn industry in the states wasnt so big, then quite a number of single folk would still be buying bunches of flowers from Statoil, in the hopes that some lonesome sheep would finally put out!

Look at the internet, made in a hole in the ground by some English chap, wasnt it. Created for the sole purpose of contacting other like minded chaps about how many hairs on Hitlers hole or something, during the war. Then the Americans locked onto it and chances are YOU are reading this blog, using an America Operating System and an American company badged PC. Granted it may be made in an Industrial plant somewhere in the mid west, but its the dollar thats providing the work force with drinking money. One texter last night pointed out that Google has an Irish only search engine option. Which is quite true. An option like that is quite handy, if your looking for a local taxi service, a takeaway or some crowd to build a cow shed. But for the best part, how many people do actually use it. Alot of people use the net for "adult" purposes. While the thoughts of old school friends and ex girlfriends / boyfriends showing their milk bottle coloured hole bobbing up and down on some mad irish porn site excites most of us, it doesnt really exisit. While "Bridie does the lads at the ploughing championships" may stir up a bit of curiosity, Jenna Jameson and the guys at the ploughing championships" will be more of a popular choice. Maybe Ireland needs to take a leaf out of the yanks and get some decent home grown porn on the screens! Or maybe I dont know how to use google properly.

The part of the whole "Americanizm" thing I absolutely dispise is the Oh My God and Whatever shite. So many people but young and old, drop these lines like its normal. It aint normal! Fortunately, it seems to be more of a female trait than a male trait. No doubt if some feen started uttering "OH MY GOD" to his Celtic jersey clad mates, he'd be pulling bits of beer bottle out of his head for a month. That said, and the more I think about it, I may have an answer. The OMG crew are actually part of some new sitcom that no-one knows about. One with hidden cameras and the likes. As innocent civilians, we are none the wiser.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

A bit flippant to say to least on your part vic, Ireland needs americanisation like my hole needs haemeroids!