Friday, October 12, 2007

The one on a Friday.........

Friday! Friday! Friday! Considering Im not off till tomorrow, maybe I should be shouting about Saturday.

Yesterday I was gratefully hooked up with a copy of Project Gotham Racing 4 and all I can say so far, is bad weather, rain in particular never looked so good! No doubt this will take up some of my time over the weekend! Other than that, friday has been uneventful. Unless you count a trip to the new Maxi Zoo in Midleton where too much money was spent on bullshit for the dogs. Granted it put a smile on their little gobs!

So Im back, attempting to give a meaningful blog update, but to be honest I may as well be out in a field with a hurley and a few rocks! It aint gonna happen, and the latest iTunes purchases blaring in the background arent helping either.

You may as well feck off, beacause there wont be much happening here in this particular blog update! Which is absolutely fuckin' pitiful on my behalf!

Although, hang a moment of brilliance, Ive just discovered an amazing new kids show. Someone needs to sign this up really quickly!

Im in Club Light in Mallow tonight, doors @ 11.30pm!

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