Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The one with the obvious

Hello to all who have been pounding my inbox since yesterday evening. Lots of you have got excited regarding the Kevin Smith interview and you'll just have to hold tough till Sunday to hear the entire interview. I'm about to start producing it up today and tomorrow and it'll be ready to roll on Sunday night. Kevin was a dream (not in a gay way, I'm engaged!!!) to interview. Ive been a fan since Clerks all those years ago so it was a big highlight to chat to the man himself. The ould cliche of "Never meet your heroes" always comes to mind. I don't have many heroes and to be honest, if more peoples heroes had the attitude of Kevin Smith, the world might be a better place. Anyway, enough of the ass munching :) Sunday night, check it out and keep listening to Red for the promos!

The ongoing pain in the throat has been a major pain the ass over the last few days. Due to my self medicating degree Ive now decided its not a sore throat but more of a sinus infection. I'm full of flim which seems to have difficulty moving around and in my medical wisdom Ive decided its something to do with my Sinus. Next week, after a dose of decongestive tablets I'll finally give in and pay a visit to the doc!

Around 5.30 last night someone rang the station to find out was I announcing the Death at a funeral screening. I normally do announce the screenings but hadnt done so in a good few months. As this was a Cork Talks Back only screening I decided it was time to get back into gear and start announcing the screenings. But between all the stuff going on yesterday I completely forgot the whole thing until Eimear gave me the lowdown on the phone call. Our lovely Red Patrollers dropped me in and had a good oul bit of banter with the audience. I asked the mob if they had any questions and in between the "Are you single?" questions, some lady made the announcement that she was a big fan of sexually speaking with Anne Sexton on a Thursday night. The temptation to explore her comment even further crossed my mind, but these folks were here to see a flick and not start talking to some badly dressed pervert about their selection of battery operated love machines. Some other folks wanted to feel me up (whats wrong you people, do you need glasses) and a few more threw out their opinions on Steve Staunton. With that a barrage of free Haribo hit people full on, and we hit the exit.


Anonymous said...

Women fancy you Vic so accept it,deal with it and sit and sit back and enjoy!!!you fine sexy thing!!

Anonymous said...

FFS Don't encourage him! He'll start believing his own publicity soon enough!

Vic Barry said...

Right so, Im sitting back...dum de dum de dum......Disturbing vision of some oul fella sitting balls nekkid in front of a pc typing " fine sexy thing"

As for my own publicity, the little I get, I do believe it!!!!!