Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The one with Pat Kenny & my take on suing an old woman for a field!

Well it happened again! Some “individual” had a pop off Pat on live TV, about his 600,000 POUND salary and how he works 11 hours a week. This just goes to show, to me anyway, an uneducated stereotypical view of people who work in the media. From someone on this side of the media fence, and from my own personal experience the public are lead to believe I work 3 hours a night, that's 15 hours a week. Add about another 8 hours minimum into that mix a night / day and you get some idea of my working day / night. And don't even start me on the times I’ve left the building at 3 and 4am! What the public are not aware of (or seem to forget) is that I, like many others in this profession, spend hours and hours prepping and organising a show with producers etc.etc. So take your perception of “hours worked” and shove it!

There’s a huge amount of begrudgery in this country. You get a new car, the neighbours or some shite on the street have to pass comment. You buy a new pair of shoes and its “Oh look at him and his fancy shoes”. As opposed to embracing people who are successful, many spend their time trying to concoct ways of knocking them and their success. Surely time might be better spent bettering themselves as opposed to being a haven for spite and hatred! Its like many thrive on the darkside as it were!

Look, I’d love an Audi R8. But I’m not roaring at Audi to say “Your feckin’ car is too dear for me to buy because I don’t earn enough to afford it”. Nope! I’m not throwing my toys out of the pram because “I want, I want, I want” I know my place, and I’ll probably never afford one, but I’m not going to moan and bitch about the people who put a smile on the Audi accountants faces. If somebody can afford it, more power to you. You work hard enough for it and why shouldn’t you! After all its your money isn’t it, or do the be grudgers think they have some legal right to YOUR money. I’m sure there’s plenty of people think they are living in Sherwood forest. Just because someone has more than you, doesn’t give you the right to knock the shit out of them for their success. Stop your “Poor me” shit and get off your ass

All that said, Pat handled it in the usual Pat way, hope someone wrestles said heckler to the ground and just keep saying thanks. The poor Minister looked like she needed a change of knickers though. There’s a million things he could have done to engage the guy and actually debate the point, but he just sat there waiting for the hired goons to sort it out.

In the mix of things, Pat and his 600,000 POUNDS were compared to the US President, unbelievable. Then came the comment about suing an old woman about a field. And the poor old Bridy next to him looked like she was thinking “Why did I bother my arse coming out tonight!” In another way, I admire his professionalism because if It were me, I would have scaled the desk and started swinging a chair! Anyway, I wouldn’t take anybody too seriously, that doesn’t even know what currency we use in the country!

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