Monday, November 16, 2009

The one with the PS3

I’m not after having the best techno weekends if truth be told! The Blu-Ray drive in the PS3 has decided it doesn’t want to live anymore. Its still hanging on for dear life, but starts choking after 5 minutes. I wonder what it’s made of? Mud?

I wonder, I really do wonder what kind of shit they put into these “super” power consoles. After all, you spend a fortune and then this is what you end up with. And this is the second time its happened. I’m a total Sony whore but this is taking the mick a bit and I’m currently contemplating taking a hammer to it and just selling on all the games.

Imagine buying a private jet. Imagine after a months of flying that the wings fell off. Imagine that the private jet company decided to sort the problem out for you. Then imagine that a few months after some more flying, the wings fell off again. Exactly!!!! You’d take the bus!

Back in the day you could have driven a Tractor towing a trailer full of cattle over a Speccy 48k, and it would still work. Granted it might be covered in mud and cow shit but it would still work! Nothing a soft cloth couldn’t fix. But these days, in 2009 the most advanced consoles (MS included here, although my 360 hasn’t blown up in some time thankfully) are dropping like dead flies. I’m sick to the back teeth of so called “super” consoles falling over and there’s not even a sniff of kryptonite in the air!

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