Monday, November 09, 2009

The one with Windows 7 and other geek goodness!

Last week, the nice people at Microsoft sent on a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. Being a long time XP user, I was a little dubious about doing a complete fresh install, as these things never go to plan.

I set about backing up years worth of photos and a small fortune of iTune purchases. All told, the backup process took the bare bones of nearly 2.5 hours. Windows 7 took less than 45 minutes to get onto me trusty Dell laptop and so far its been a wonderful experience. Its fast and incredibly intuitive. I love the idea where it goes off by its lickle self and looks for a particular driver and so on. Those of you coming from Vista won’t see much visual differences, but coming from XP its a huge difference! And it all went to plan, bar me losing all my iTunes playlists, but that I can manage!! Either way, best move I’ve made in along time!!!

I’m in the process of reinstalling software and put Picasa (3.5) back on over the weekend. And this now has a facial recognition feature which is mindblowing. Its about 95% accurate so far and I now know how Tom Cruise’s character felt in Minority Report. Ok, maybe no entirely, but hats off to the Google boys again!!!

Anyway, for today that is it. The blog is 5 years old later in the week, so I’m off to plan the party. Ahem!

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