Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The one with the health kick

For one reason or another, last week my health kick went on strike. But after furious negotiations, the unions have resolved their differences and its back on this week. I only lost 7 days, that's all no more no less.

Of course, its always tough to get back on the pi-ball after a week off from it, and last night was no different. Decided, due to starvation, to have one last blow out and went off for food. Couldn't find a parking spot, so took this as an omen, until I reached a junction. Looped back around and got a spot on McCurtain St. I gave into the temptation, but my mind convinced me to have that one last blow out, typical addict style symptoms.

I'd never do if I was Luke Skywalker! That part in Empire Strikes Back where he's told that Darth's his old man. If that were me, I would have been like "Really? Your my dad? Cool! Where do I sign up, do I get a red lightsaber too?". None of this jumping off shite. I would have joined up straight away.

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