Monday, April 20, 2009

The one with time flying

Did anyone ever wonder where the hell does the weekend go? Im not suggesting that it goes off to Santa Ponsa clad in GAA outfits and clockface_roman02rampages around the place for 7 nights. I'm actually wondering why the thing goes so quick? Your average weekend starts Friday night and ends Sunday night, which you could say is 2.5 days or thereabouts, depending whether or not your stuck in bed for most of it. I was off last Friday night and now its Monday morning! I didn't do anything mad, daft or exciting, so I can remember the whole lot of it, well I think I can.

The whole thing has disappeared at hyper speed. If you take lets say 2.5 days out of Monday to Friday they go on forever. From now until Wednesday evening, it will feel like 3 months. But if those 2.5 days are weekend days, then they’re over quicker than cheap sex. Its like you go to bed Friday night and wake up and its Monday morning!


I'm nearly convinced that the space time continuum speeds up over the weekend. Sure our watches stay the same, but there’s probably only 18 hours in a weekend day, as opposed to the usual 24.    warp-speed-4

Either that, or we’re all been kidnapped by Dr. Emmet Brown, fecked into a Delorean and brought forward in time! And yes, I know what your saying, thats impossible. How can Doc Brown bring us all into the future. Well, maybe he went so far into the future…..feck it. That's not plausible. Its to do with the time space continuum.


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