Sunday, April 19, 2009

The one with the mini movie review – I Love you, Man

I Love You, Man is promising from the trailers. Looks funny and of course Paul Rudd is a huge talent! So is the full thing any good???well……the idea behind it, is good. Sort of. Think of I Love you, man with a story line that one might suspect would work better as a chick flick. Either way, Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) is getting married and has “plenty” of friends, but no real close ones. So he goes on a serious of man dates to try and find his best man.


The man dates don't last very long and he finds Sidney (Jason Segel) at an open house that he’s selling for Lou “you wouldn't like me when I'm pissed off” Ferrigno. They go off and do some dude things and then there’s a little bit of confusion because the wife to be eventually feels hard done by. So Sidney gets dumped, after getting 8 grand from Peter, which he puts to great use that benefits his now, ex best friend. And that's more or less it, well bar the fact that the obvious happens.


Watching the trailer, I was led to believe that this movie was going to be funny. The 2 minute promo is very tightly edited and when scenes are shuffled around compared to the movie, that's  always a worrying thing. Case and point is the scene at the table in the trailer. This is actually funnier in the trailer sequence as opposed to the cut in the movie.


Don't get me wrong, it is funny in parts and the director of Iron Man 1&2, Jon Favreau plays a great part as a pissed off husband. When it comes to the main cast, Jason Segel steals the show, from Paul Rudd who I think is immensely talented, but doesn't shine as bright as he can in this. That said, Rudd’s character is convincing enough as a guy who is trying so very hard to be the cool, hip guy.


Overall, just like one of the director’s previous movies, Along came Polly, I love you, man chugs along. With one or 2 small exceptions there isn’t too many laugh out loud moments, more like a selection of slightly muffled choking sounds that sound like laughing. The F word sounds out of place in this movie, and it sounds that it was part of a rewrite to try and man up the picture a little.

I Love you, man is a disappointing movie, that could have been so much more. An original enough idea that seems to be stuck in the space between a straight forward comedy suitable for all and a comedy that you wouldn't tell your parents you went to see. More of a “I kinda like you, man” than anything else!


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