Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The one with Too Close and Personal 2

Last night I hosted the annual Q&A. Firstly, thanks to the amazing staff @ The Pavilion for all their help and assistance, especially to Janice, Sandra and Stevie! 

As usual, not everyone turns up, but we had a great crowd who were well up for the madness. Nuala hopped on stage, welcomed everyone and introduced Dave Duff aka Christ with a K who hit the stage just after 7 with his Sex with a miner song, closely followed by the wonderful Boy Racer Song. Just after 715pm Nuala went back out, and introduced yours truly. The questions came thick and fast and Im sure some people were left wondering "Is there something wrong with me?" It was absolute madness and laughs were aplenty and talking to people afterwards, everyone seemed to get a damn good kick out of it. Not to mention the tonnes of free CDs and DVDs we lashed out and the Xbox 360 Elite that some lucky listener won (Thanks Colm and Lou). 

All kinds of questions were asked and in particular nearly 30 minutes of questions surrounding my sex life. 
I think for next year, I'll tone down on the F and C words, which were rampant throughout the night. But, as the invite said, Live and Uncensored. Either way I had a damn good time and thanks to all for coming. For those who didnt bother turning up, Shame on you! You missed a genuinely fun night. Thanks also to Eimear, Nuala and Jen for all their hard work on the night. And yes, like a gobshite, I forgot to bring the camera.

The Best and Worst list of 08 is coming tomorrow, just before Santa arrives so check back then!

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