Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The one with Post number 1000

Well it finally arrived. Sure, the last few posts may have been shite to fill up the post count....or were they???? Hmmmmm

Little did I think in November 2004 that I'd hit the Publish Post button over 100 times, let alone a 1000.

And yes, this was a big anti climax :)  These kinds of things never live up to the hype.

Not so long ago, nerds and geeks had waited 21 lifetimes for Star Wars Episode I. When it arrived, some died from the excitement, some got erections and promptly lost them when Jar Jar Binks turned up. It didn't completely live up to the hype.

Not too far from where I currently reside the Titanic thundered off on its maiden voyage and promptly drove into an iceberg and sank. James Cameron made a movie about it. And a successfull movie it was too. People flocked in their millions to see it, and when the boat tried to do its best Ice Breaker impression people just went "Meh, twas grand but what about Kate Winslets tits?" Again, it didn't live up to the hype.

My movie of 2008, The Dark Knight didn't live up to the hype either. As amazing as it was, people got themselves into a foaming tizzy about the whole thing, myself included. As I mentioned back along on TDK review, even if Jesus had turned up in a Batmobile it still wouldn't have been enough to live up to the hype.

Ya see, the mind is a wonderful thing. In my own feeble one, right now, I think that blog post 1000 wont live up to the hype. And of course it wont. Its a fuckin' blog post. Wheres the hype in that. Granted Ive built it up and as usual nothing lives up to the hype, because we build the thing up too much. But the most important thing for me, as the gobshite who writes this on a regular basis is YOU. Yes, YOU, the kind persons who drop by here on a regular basis and I'm genuinely happy that you are reading post number 1000. So, in the words of Andy Kaufman

"Tenk you veddy much"


Gamma said...

I hate to say it Vic but you're still not at 1000 yet. I'm guessing you have 15 drafts in your blogger account because adding up the yearly totals you only have 985 published posts.

I didn't check because I'm a bastard (not a total one anyway :) its just that I recently reached the 1000th "published post" mark myself, but I was surprised when I found out that I hadn't passed it earlier because of all my unpublished drafts.

I feel bad now so I'm just going to go :)

Anonymous said...

Well done Vic!!! But as the song of the year went *its too late to apolopgise*lol
Get a life gamma!

Gamma said...

Anon: I asked Santa for one this year but all I got was a selection box and a new underpants :(

Vic Barry said...

Fair point, kinda! But as far as Im concerned this is the 1000th post (even though technically your right) as the drafts were originally gonna be posted but werent. So the post's were written but not published.

And heres me thinkin' no one gives a shit!

Cheers for the comments folks! And watch out for them underpants