Monday, December 29, 2008

The one with the holidays so far

Well I have a few posts to go until I hit 1000 posts on the blog. Will it happen by 2009? Tune in by Thursday to find out. Its been a pretty good Xmas so far and since Jan 27th Ive actually been officially on holidays and am trying to take it easy. 

I ended up travelling around on Xmas morning as per usual and didn't get back till 1 so the fuckin Xmas dinner didn't hit the table till nearly 4pm. Then half way through the dinner, she who must be obeyed came to the conclusion that we had forgotten the sprouts. Well, at that point it was too late. Anyway, fuck the sprouts! I then realised that the roast potatoes that were cooked beautifully in about 5 litres of goose fat were still in the oven. So upon inspection they had turned into something that was so hard, it would have taken Superman to get through them. But, we managed to eat 2 of em. So besides the sprouts and the molten roast spuds we had a pretty savage dinner. 

The rest of the day was spent flicking around the tv and watching absolutely nothing. Im sure we must have spent about 4 hours watching ad breaks. Then it was time for the annual brown sauce party and I detest Chef sauces. I'm a Heinz whore all the way but with all their 57,000 varieties or whatever they have, Heinz to the best of my knowledge (and I go through a large bottle of Heinz ketchup a week) don't make brown sauce. So I was left with no choice other than the Chef brown sauce, which goes amazingly well with turkey sandwiches. And that's got nothing to do with what was drank throughout the day. 

A few weeks ago, I ordered the Dark Knight on Blu-ray with the idea that this would be our Xmas night movie. Well, that plan went to shit after we conked out on the chair around 10. I was giggin on the 26th so the 27th we managed about half of it before I got the nods. Now speaking of the 27th. Dear Jesus above.......

I got home from Club Light close to 4. Got to bed close to 5. Got back up close to 630am. And headed off with Ger to Mahon point for some bargains. The queue in Next looked like something out of a war torn country, except people weren't waiting for food or supplies.  Queues and queues of many ignorant people, went around the shop like a 700 foot python.  After picking a few bits up, I decided to leave my "bargains" behind and ditch the queue. Ger stayed in it, but after 40 minutes and numerous negotiations with me on the phone she also ditched. And of course, the place was full of gobshites all pullin and draggin whatever they could. Then, a huge surge of people made for Debenhams. It wasn't as mad as Next but (and in the unique Cork way) alot of their Sale stuff wasn't yet on the shelves for the hungry punters. You'd swear we hadn't seen a shop in 400 years. Either way, I got a few bits, but am bringing them all back! And to top it off, we had the worst toasted cheese and ham sandwich in that muffin place. You'd think it wouldn't be that hard to make one of the most simplest things on the planet. 

Anyway, the rest of the whole thing is a blur at the moment, and as of right now we're babysitting the nephew for the night!

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