Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The one with the Anne Summers Adult toyshow on Cork Talks Back

Contact the ladies from Anne Summers for YOUR party on

Joan - 087 9222309
Juanita - 086 1931524

If you call between 12 and 6pm today you get entered into a draw, exclusive to RedFM listeners.

And yes, what follows, if it wasnt known already, proves I have no shame. I apologise to all. What you'll see will frighten you.


Anonymous said...

luved the show. vic seemed to enjoy it to much going by the pics.keep up the gud work girls in this time of ressesion ann summers will always put a smile on those housewifes faces.

Anonymous said...

What a show! Brought me and my partner back together after a split 4months ago! Bring back some more!!!