Friday, June 23, 2006

Finally, a bit of relief in the neck and shoulder area. I couldnt really type for the last few days, because the neck and shoulder decided to go kaput. I didnt do anything strenuous (as if) but I do remember the pain hit just after landing a plate in the dishwasher. Herself isnt buying it, so Ill still have to load up the dishwasher, regardless of the pain it may cause. Painkillers, Deep Heat and Bio Freeze have almost done their job by this morning..its the loosest its been all week. Only thing now is the fecker is itching like a whore with a severe case of the crabs. I cant win. In conclusion, I think it'll be a while before the show covers corpus christi again. Ironically after battling away with a religious theme, this comes at me. Past religious themes on the show, have also resulted in me suffering for a few days with some ailment or another. Maybe its coincidence, or maybe theres aload of old corpus christi dears with a voodoo doll of me, and they've beat the shit out of it for the week. Why did I write that? Its too late to delete it, Ive written it. I can almost hear Bridy and Mary getting their crutches ready, to give the doll another shit kicking!

I spent most of the week on me back (not that way) on the floor or on the couch, playing the bad patient. Granted, Ive watched more World Cup, come to think of it, more soccer in the past week than I have in my lifetime. That may be a lie, but its alot!

I have zero plans for the weekend, which is normally the case the weekend before payday! Ger is off to a hen tomorrow night, so Ill be left to me own devices until I get the call "Commmmmmmmee pppppppppciiiiiiiikkkkkk me uuuuurpppppp". I may take a wander around with the camera today and thats about it really. The wind that shakes the barely is on my mind as there could well be a late show of that tonight! Got a nice write up on the blog. It goes something like this...
Initially, I had tarred Victor Barry with the same brush, but turns out he is a very funny guy (with a great blog).

Click the link for the rest of the piece. Cheers James!

Came across this pic, through of Cork man George Hook. Yes the rugby pundit, yes a fellow broadcaster who will soon be in competition with ourselves and the other stations in a quasi national capacity..provided he doesnt go roaring for more money and then leave..and use the excuse that he wants to spend more time concentrating on his rugby punditry.

Down to the photo creeps me out, in a funny way. I was going to write a sick and filthy quote, but I can afford a lawsuit. Not sure if Pam knows it, but at least shes playing a good defense. Notice how shes blocking Georges view of her tits, with a strategically placed arm. Theres more pics of Pam on Blogorrah and Ill give credit where its due, the only pic she looks happy in is the one on the left, here! The one with Brian Kennedy is a photo of pure and utter pain. Maybe she doesnt know who he is...but theres no way he'll be grabbing her hole in a playful manner. Maybe Im just being bitter, that I didnt get an invite to go see Pam. For alot of us, Pam was a childhood hero. People might say, what..Pam a hero, but what about MacGuyver or The A-Team or even Magnum PI. There real heroes. Bollocks to that lot, Pam was always there for us, whenever we wanted her she was there. She always came in handy! Nobody knocked one off the wrist thinking about Hannibal or B.A. or even MacGuyver, maybe some of the women, or the lads on the other side of the ditch..but for the best part Pam saved peoples sexuality..once you discovered her. I recall, years ago having a huge poster on my wall with Pam drapped across it, in full Baywatch uniform. You saw no nipples, maybe they were taped down, nor was there any camel toe. Granted I didnt know what that was back then. My mother arrived in, and half flipped the lid about a half naked lady stuck to my wall with blu-tack. She stopped flipping, when I explained Pam was a lifeguard, had saved many lives and was most of all a hero. My mother walked off thinking "Isnt that nice, hes finally showing some compassion" OR "That'll explain all the socks under the bed"

Right, thats it...sounds like Ive applied too much Bio Freeze. Remember Sunday, is a get it off yer chest Sunday, so if theres anything thats pissing you off, drop a mail to with your name and number and GET IT OFF YER CHEST!! Talk to ya Sunday at 10!

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