Friday, June 16, 2006

Ok, videos and pics on the way. If your offended by bad language then it might not be for you. One of the vids, was shot during a song. The song was played because, like 2 caveman in a perfume shop, we didnt read the instructions. The wax hardened on my arm and I had to rip it off bit by bit. Single handidly, the most stupidest thing Ive done in some time, if not all time on air. Looking at the vids, Im like a big child with an extremely low pain threshold. Maybe it was the sensation..yeah thats my excuse...the sensation! Well hopefully all the World Cup widows and anyone thats not into the soccer enjoyed it. Given the amount of calls and texts alone about it, I say they were well entertained.

Seriously though, I can sympathise with all the ladies who get this done on a regular basis. As for the nether regions, we'll some of ye are out of yer mind. Id handle that area with an oul Gilette M3 Power. While some might say you'll slice into it with a razor, Id prefer to suffer a slice and go to hospital with my balls hacked up than put some wax on it!

For all my suffering (yes I know Im a baby) last night, Im blaming Dave for it to be honest. He showed me the naughty nads box moments before we went on air, knowing damn well Id suggest we get waxed up on air! Well thats my theory anyway. We both popped our hot waxing cherries. The more I think about it, my waxing cherry felt it was popped by some guy hung like a donkey, who was in prison and didnt see action for 5 years.

Enjoy the pics and vids..and be wide for the swearing!!!

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kat said...

Vic, when u and Dave used the wax, it was the BEST CTB ever!!!