Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Corpus Christi was one of the topics brought to our attention on Get it Off Your Chest Sunday, and we left it kick off last night. I wouldnt be Mr.Religion or anything but I think to have a full blown Catholic procession in the middle of the city center is a bit much. I believe nobody wants religion shoved in their face, and 20,000 people marching in a parade is definitely shoving it down your gob. As some callers last night mentioned, you dont need to march in a parade to prove your faith. Maybe it should be held elsewhere...the Lee Fields for example. Plenty of parking, and Im sure the old dears can feed the seagulls at the same time. As alot of people pointed it last night, its an 80 year old tradition. Thats all well and good, but with this old fashioned stuff, Cork can never be a real metropolitan city, like Dublin, Paris, Manchester, London, New York etc.etc.etc. One caller said last night it was a march of hypcrosiy, given the child abuse scandals that have gone on for years. Well the church turned a blind eye to it for a long time and obviously these 20,000 did as well.

As I said I wouldnt be Mr.Religion, and the thoughts of going into a church sends a chill up my spine sometimes. The bullshit the priests rabbit on with, hundreds of people just sitting, kneeling and standing. Alot only there, because they feel they have to!
Maybe I have no faith left, maybe Im not full of spirituality and I really dont know where this has come from. Yes, like alot of you, I was dragged to Mass every Saturday night. Do I blame that, No. So I dont know where the blame lies, if any blame should lie anywhere. Ironically I visit the graves of deceased relatives and have a "quiet" time with them, as I do from time to time, be it at home or otherwise. So, theres a drop of faith left in me somewhere. Its there, somewhere!

Feck, the was a fairly serious opening.....More Robert Plant tickets to giveaway tonight. Make sure you check out the photoblog, lots of emails about it over the last few days...Nice one.
Thats my lot for now...Im off to.............................................

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