Thursday, March 11, 2010

The one with recovery!

Jesus, you’d swear I was at the Oscar’s themselves last Sunday after the week that’s gone by! I clambered into bed Monday morning at a few minutes close to 6am and was up again in a few hours to make a baby scan appointment with Ger, for 10am. So feck all sleep basically! Monday night, show wise, for me was a long one! By the end of the show, I was feckered altogether. Without sounding like a drama queen, I thought I was gonna vomit on the way home! Tired sickness anyone?

Tuesday was another one, but at least I caught up with some sleep and Wednesday and today were spent staring at Matt Damon in Green Zone and Leo the Cap in Shutter Island in between doing other show stuff!

And tomorrow, of course is a day / night off. Except the bastard sunshine has come out and you know what that means. A few continuous days of it means one thing and one thing only! The grass needs to be fuckin cut! I’m threatening this tomorrow. My only real problem is the dog shit in the garden! I can’t stomach to pick the fuckin thing up and normally I stagger around the garden with a shovel and a bag, vomiting like some wino as I go. I believe there is a spray you can buy that “freezes” the dog shit, so it makes it easier to pick up? Anyone any ideas on that one?


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Anonymous said...

its only shit vic ...only shit ! :)