Monday, March 22, 2010

The one with this weeks podcasts

This weeks Movie Bit podcast, that was originally broadcast on Corks RedFM last night, is now available to download from iTunes. Includes audio from the new Predators trailer, reviews of Zonad and I Love you Phillip Morris as well as plenty of movie musings! And the Cork Talks Back podcast is also available!!! Click here to get it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Vic.

You were on last night about girl
falling asleep in car on Midelton road.

dunno if your aware, but there is significant date "march 14", check the top 5 results in google!!

this event is not comercialised as much as Valentines day, but we relay on you to popularise it in Cork.

Many thanks and good Luck.


Vic Barry said...

Cheers Kenny5. Brilliant!!! Now it all makes sense! Cheers for that! :)