Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The one with farting (more than likely again)

I’m too lazy to go back and check, but I'm pretty sure that farting has appeared on the blog in some shape or form over the years! One of the more bizarre topics on the show last night, consisted of ladies and there very unladylike behaviour around Cork.

As we all know, we all break wind. Some of us even follow through on occasion (I did twice, one time on a bus and another 2 seconds before going to air on CCR). It is probably a very silly individual that thinks that ladies don't fart, and now that I think of it, I have dealt with 2 different types of farts on air. That said, the second one normally only comes to light on Thursday nights with Sexually speaking.

So the ladies fart and so on, I wonder though, do they do it with such conviction as their male counterparts. As a male, I’ve sat in rooms over the years with a group of other males and like clockwork, a fart explodes. Then the whole “Smell that wan biys” comes up in conversation. Part of me speculates that the ladies, who fart like the rest of us, do not partake in such savagery. But maybe I’m wrong. Actually, once again, now that I think about it I remember visiting someone in a hospital once and I got lost on the way out, only to wander across a pack of all female nurses, all gathered around a desk. They were laughing their arses off and the smell of putrid farts filled the air like tear gas. I eventually found my way out, and only realised then, that I had accidently interrupted a nurse fart contest, or something!

That said, one texter last night made a startling observation. She was in a pub and a male standing close by left a fart rip! The texter described it as nuclear! After the blast wave, which I'm sure by the sounds of it, over turned chairs and tables, the farter turned in her direction. He then said “Now that I’ve got your attention”. After reading that text last night, all I can say is that there really is little hope for mankind.


Gamma Goblin said...

Vic, consult the oracle (aka Youtube), all the answers to the universe are contained within.

Do girls fart: [yes]
Do girls play farting games: [yes]

Anonymous said...

of course we fart we just try silence them and blame someone else lol

Vic Barry said...

Thats what they all say!